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Find Your Dream House With PropSocial

October 17, 2017

For some of us, we like to daydream about how we want our home to look like. We love the idea of just drooling over gorgeous dream home photos on Qanvast and wish that we’ll able get a house to realise these inspirations. If you’re still looking for a space to call home, why not give PropSocial a shot? - and you may get rewarded in the process, we’ll tell you more, just continue reading!

Find Your Dream House With PropSocial

With the tagline “Real Neighbourhoods, Real Reviews”, PropSocial is the first community-based social property website in Malaysia that gives real insights and unbiased user reviews for buyers or investors to make better decision. So, how can we help you to find your dream house? Read on.

1. Users Rate & Review

What makes PropSocial different from other players in the market is that we allow honest ratings and reviews from the public about properties, neighbourhoods and agents. We are so proud of of this feature that we actually made a song about it. Do check it out!

Of course, each rating and review is verified before going live to prevent spam and abuse. This feature was built to help serious buyers obtain unbiased, honest insights and comments regarding a property or neighbourhood, before deciding on buying the property. Not only that, you can also comment on the agent’s quality so that other property buyers can make better decision on which property agents to work with.

2. Neighbourhood & Property Info

Find Your Dream House With PropSocial

Apart from that, we also provide quick and comprehensive information about a neighbourhood or property. It is presented in an infographic style to make it easier for you to comprehend. For properties, you can get information like designated number of parking lots per unit, maintenance fees, pet friendliness, total number of floors and many more. As for the neighbourhoods, you’ll be given insights such as nearby neighbourhoods, highways, properties, crime rates and etc.

Find Your Dream House With PropSocial

That’s not all! You can also gather information like ethnic group around the area, transacted price from Valuation and Property Services Department (JPPH), nearby properties’ price analysis and comparison, consumer price index as well as neighbourhoods’ reviews.

3. Interactive Property Map

Find Your Dream House With PropSocial

With interactive map which is located on every individual property page, it gives users the idea about their surrounding properties and amenities at a glance. To make it even fancier, we’ve included ‘Traffic Layer’ on the map for real time traffic conditions, and ‘Street View’ which provides users with a full 360˚ view of their chosen property. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Above is the sample we have for property Kelana Mahkota.

4. Newsfeed

Find Your Dream House With PropSocial

Meanwhile, the Newsfeed feature in PropSocial allows users to ‘follow’ their preferred neighbourhood to receive instant updates. It’ll consist of properties for sale or rent, property ratings and reviews, and discussion topics on the chosen neighbourhood which you’ve followed.

5. Classified Ads Ranking

We’ve all screened through a long list of fake classified ad listings on property websites before, which is annoying. With this in mind, PropSocial team has created a filter for the classified ads so that you can find better results.

Find Your Dream House With PropSocial

It is based on the scoring system and algorithm, while still taking agent’s quality of services (rated by property buyers) and the quality of their ads i.e. number of photos provided, accuracy of property descriptions and details, into account. Additionally, users can also report spam ads when they come across one to eliminate dubious listing.

6. Discussion + Article

Find Your Dream House With PropSocial

PropSocial’s Discussion board is a community forum that brings buyers and sellers, investors, as well as agents together to discuss topics regarding property or voice out their opinions. Furthermore, users can also find articles contributed by The PropSocial Editorial team on property related news, lifestyle and informative articles to educate its followers. These articles are available in English, Chinese, and Malay language.

7. Bonus - Get Rewarded!

Find Your Dream House With PropSocial

Lastly, with all of the contributions made by our users, it’s only fair for us to give them some rewards. You can be part of this too - all you have to do is just sign up and actively use our site. Every time you refer a friend, engage in a discussions, rate & review a property and neighbourhood or share some of our page on social media, you will earn some points, which you can redeem later. Isn’t that fun? What are you waiting for? Sign up with us today!

So, there you have it! Looking for the right property can be a long and tedious process, which can be tiring and frustrating. We hope PropSocial’s feature will lessen the hassle and help you to find your home sweet home. Don’t forget to check us out!

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