Review Regulation Policy

At Qanvast, we’ve formed a community to better help homeowners like you find a trustworthy interior designer for your renovation. By sharing a verified review of your renovation experience, you help homeowners make an informed decision when selecting an interior designer to engage. Your review will also provide interior firms feedback on how they can improve their services.

You are encouraged to share an accurate, unbiased review of your renovation experience only after you have signed a renovation contract.

What are verified reviews?

Verified reviews are reviews that you can trust – genuine accounts of renovation experiences, identified by us to have been written by real homeowners.

Verified reviews play an important role in our assessment and rating of interior firms. If a firm’s rating falls below 3.5 (out of 5) for more than 14 days, they will not be recommended to homeowners.

  • To verify the authenticity of a review, a scanned copy of the renovation contract with the reviewed interior firm needs to be submitted
  • Reviews that are verified will feature a checkmark
  • All submitted details are kept strictly confidential and are not shared with external parties. For more information, you may refer to our Privacy Policy.

We believe in giving you a voice

We encourage you to share your experience with the interior firm that you engaged for your renovation. Because we strongly value your feedback, we do not withdraw any review, unless they do not comply with our guidelines (see next section).

In the event of a dispute, we encourage homeowners to contact the interior firm to share your experience so that both sides can come to an amicable resolution. Interior firms are encouraged to reply to share their side of the story too.

How we screen our reviews

We also check every review thoroughly to ensure that all reviews comply with our existing guidelines. However, here are cases where reviews will be removed:

  • Reviews that contain fraudulent feedback, spam, offensive language or solicitation for businesses
  • Duplicate reviews (homeowners leaving multiple reviews using separate accounts or getting someone from the same household to leave a similar review)
  • Reviews that provide little or no context (for example, entering random characters or numbers to hit the minimum word count)
  • Reviews that have no reference to the main works or services rendered by the firm
  • Reviews where its legitimacy cannot be proven, or proven to be fake, or were written by the interior firm, a third party or a bot without the homeowners’ knowledge and consent

We do not encourage homeowners to leave reviews without proof that they have engaged the interior firm, nor do we encourage interior firms to leave reviews on behalf of homeowners. We reserve the right to request for additional information for verification. In the event where a review’s legitimacy can’t be proven, it may be removed.

How Qanvast penalises firms engaging in fraudulent activity

We constantly moderate all content, ratings, complaints and properties to ensure that reviews remain impartial. No interior firms, advertisers or businesses can influence Qanvast to improve or remove their reviews or ratings.

  • We block and/or remove the fake reviews.
  • We do checks and actively crack down on firms that attempt to boost their reputation by leaving fake reviews. We will remove all fake reviews created by third-party sources and penalise the interior firms caught engaging these services
  • Penalised firms will be investigated and temporarily suspended.

We will continue to ensure that our database of reviews are genuine, up-to-date and helpful to help you make better informed decisions about your renovation.