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4 Budget-Friendly Home Upgrades to Make Right Now!

January 30, 2019

Sprucing up a house can bring about conflicting emotions in homeowners who know they need an upgrade, but either a) can’t afford to splash out on decor or b) are unsure about the resulting impact on their personal spaces.

Here’s where we can help: check out this list for four cost-friendly, tried-and-true upgrades that'll enhance your home!

home renovation upgrades
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interior Firm: Anwill Design

1. Consider a fresh coat of paint

Yellowing or dirty walls tend to give off an aging, unkempt vibe, but this is easily resolved with a simple paint job. Instantly refresh and add new life to the space by treating the walls in your home to a new coat of paint. What’s more, repainting your walls is relatively inexpensive as upgrades go!

Opt for warm, fresh neutrals instead of trendy colours, which are typically more expensive. White paints are priced more affordably and if you stick to one colour scheme throughout the home, you’ll save even more money (by buying in bulk).

home renovation upgrades
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Moreover, white goes with most décor styles e.g. contemporary, modern, Scandinavian, and, minimalist, etc. and it also has the potential to brighten up any space!

2. Floor polishing

While floors are an oft-ignored element of décor, it does serve as the base for the entire décor. And thus, if your floors aren’t well-maintained or at the very least, clean; other upgrades made to the home may prove somewhat inconsequential.

home renovation upgrades
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Getting living room floors polished to appear glossy or shiny can exponentially compound the ‘premium’ look of the home. The price range for floor polishing in Malaysia, depending on the size and type of floors, as well as the quality of treatment, range from RM1 to RM4 per square foot on average.

3. Framed mirrors

Mirrors are generally an excellent addition to any home, thanks to its light-reflecting qualities as well as its ability to visually expand space. The added element of frames on mirrors just adds to its credit, screaming good taste and high style!

home renovation upgrades
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Best of all, if you don’t want to spend money on a new framed mirror, you can inexpensively add frames to the ones you already have at home. It’s easy to find cost-friendly materials for the frame such as MDF boards, etc. at your local hardware store, with instructions available online.

4. Rearranging furniture

Repositioning the layout of your furniture doesn’t cost a cent, but the impact it can have on upgrading the entire look of your home is priceless! Maintaining a sense of symmetry between the furniture and the natural layout of the home is essential.

home renovation upgrades
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In general, spaces with an open floor plan can be decorated with symmetry by placing furniture to form a rectangular, square, L-shape or even curved pattern (apt for very large spaces). With a closed floor plan, simply arrange furniture to follow the general geometric shape of the room i.e. square or rectangle for a ‘harmonised’ look.

Still, even with these golden rules, discovering the best setting for your furniture may involve experimentation. So just clear your schedule and be prepared to try a few positions!

home renovation upgrades
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View this project by The Crafters

If you have a slightly bigger budget, consider buying accent furniture with high-end textures, getting the lighting for your home professionally planned, and upgrading hardware.

But better still; do consider making minor renovations to the home that can add both aesthetic and real value, if you can afford it.

Upgrades in the form of kitchen backsplashes, quality countertops, in-built storage and cabinetry, as well as carpentered woodwork, can be highly beneficial in more ways than one!

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