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4 Tricks To Create The Airbnb Home Of Your Dreams

October 26, 2017

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Under the influence of social media platforms, designer pads are becoming an increasingly popular choice on Airbnb. Many users are looking for more than just a bed and a shower – they’re actively seeking out wholesome living experiences, even if it’s just for a week. As travellers shell out more money for unique, well-designed accommodations, it’s wise for homeowners to invest in memorable aesthetics and curated experiences.

How To Create An Airbnb Home

Interior Designer: RK Interior Studio

So if you happen to own an extra apartment and are thinking of listing it on the home-sharing site, why not invest in creating a dreamscape that accommodation-seekers can’t resist? With these 4 nifty tricks, you’ll be able to create your own Airbnb-worthy home in no time!

1. Give Your Apartment A Theme

How To Create An Airbnb Home

Interior Designer: Life Art

A theme acts as an all-encompassing vision of what your Airbnb home will look like, and makes the purchasing of separate elements (e.g. furniture, fittings, lights) a much easier task. It gives your home a general vibe that exudes individuality, and helps to discipline you when you find yourself falling under the temptation to buy every beautiful item you peruse.

How To Create An Airbnb Home

Interior Designer: Movent Signature Design

There are so many ways in which theme inspirations can be found. You can browse through image inventories like Qanvast and Pinterest, observe the interiors of boutique hotels when you travel, dog-ear magazines and Instagram posts, and even take notes from your favorite restaurants and retail shops.

2. Curate Your Décor Items Accordingly

How To Create An Airbnb Home

Interior Designer: SQFT Space Design Managament

Once you’ve committed to a theme, make sure that you display only items that will help to accentuate that theme. For instance, a pendent light with crystals will go very well with an elegant contemporary look; a neon light display, not so well. A porcelain dome lamp with traditional Chinese motifs may seem out of place in such a setting, but will look right at home in a Chinese dynasty-inspired room.

How To Create An Airbnb Home

Interior Designer: Team BJ

The trick here is to stop yourself from including every single décor item that you already own – curate wisely whilst remembering that less is often more!

3. Experiment With Prints, Patterns And Color-Blocks

How To Create An Airbnb Home

Interior Designer: Spazio Design

If you have a small budget for décor and fringe items, try playing around with your walls instead. A whitewashed room will require more than a handful of furniture and décor accessories (unless you’re opting for the minimalist theme, of course), but a room with an extravagant jungle-/forest-inspired backdrop will need just a few.

How To Create An Airbnb Home

Interior Designer: Up Creations

With walls, you have a plethora of options. You can transform a white space with wall stickers, make use of peel-and-stick wall tiles or wallpaper, or commission your artist friend to paint a feature wall. If you like colors but want to DIY in a much simpler manner, try color-blocking. Even with just two different colors, you can do interesting geometric designs that can help to create the illusion of a higher ceiling.

4. Have Fun With The Details

How To Create An Airbnb Home

Interior Designer: Life Art

Whilst working on your themed apartment, don’t just focus on going big; the narrative of any space is often found in the tiny details. It could be something as simple as the presence (or absence) of a potted fern to subtly bring out the natural element of your room, a three-frame display to tastefully tell others of the vision you have for your house, or a patterned rug to break the monotony of your living space.

How To Create An Airbnb Home

Interior Designer: KLAAS Design & Build

You can also consider coordinating certain colors within each room. It doesn’t take a lot more effort or extra money since you can just make your purchases in specific colors. The simple steps of matching the color of your throw pillow to your rug and accessorizing your room with complementary colors will make a very noticeable difference.

Use these 4 thoughts as a guide for your interior design, and you might just find your apartment listing on the wish-lists of many Airbnb users!

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