Bathroom Interior Design

If standard toilets aren’t your thing, style them up to become stunning masterpieces that deserve a tour by themselves. After all, if you’ve already paid tens of thousands to do up your house, why neglect a space where most of us seek comfort?

When designing your bathrooms, factor in these considerations:

  1. Check your water supply pipe locations before buying your basins. For small homes, opt for countertop or wall-mounted basins.
  2. If you are living with young kids and elderly parents, wall-mounted and semi-recessed basins are more practical choices.
  3. Rainshowers require good water pressure so check on your existing water pressure before deciding
  4. For those who dress up in the bath, go for a longer mirrored vanity cabinet to keep your space clutter-free
  5. Your bathroom is bound to store a ton of toiletries and personal care accessories. Which is why you shouldn’t skimp on built-in storage compartments! Keep things smooth and seamless to the rest of your bathroom decor with the help of sink cabinets and recessed shelving.

Need more bathroom ideas? Go on - we bet you will want to spend all day in these luxurious (yet practical) shower spaces.