Landed Interior Design

It’s a whole different level out there when it comes to renovating landed properties like terraces, bungalows or villas. With a larger land space (or vertical area) coupled with the addition of a backyard, a garden, and sometimes a dedicated garage, landed homes definitely define the ‘more is more’ concept; a bigger volume of renovation works, wider scope for design, and definitely, a larger budget.

While some may be built by private property developers, others may be created entirely from scratch. Landed properties will often require the help of architects and interior designers with expertise in handling extensive structural works. Approval is required from the local council if you wish to alter or extend the area size, and an architect or interior firm can help with that.

Designing for your landed property can often feel like working with a blank slate. Where do you even start? What style or design would you like your home to be shaped into?