Dining Room Interior Design

With parents and children spending more hours apart these days, mealtimes are fast-becoming the only occasions where families get to interact regularly. Here’s what you can do to make your dining area a cosy, comfortable space where your loved ones can enjoy these precious moments together:

  1. Openness is the New Divide: With open-concept spaces being all the rage these days, tearing down the walls of your dining room is one way to keep your home’s layout looking fresh. Plus, if you live in a compact apartment, chances are you will only have enough space to spare for a single table and a couple of chairs; a walled-off room for the express purpose of eating, not so much. So, why not keep things open?

  2. Get a Sturdy Table: Other than a complete set of flatware, the best investment that you can make for your meal area is getting a well-built dining table. Whether you intend to have an elegant glass top or a solid wood piece, ensure that it is sufficiently sized for your entertaining needs and get matching chairs for a flawlessly cohesive look.

  3. Show Off Your Style: If you intend to use the dining room for entertaining, your cooking shouldn’t be the only thing wowing guests. Take the opportunity to dress up the space with wall paintings and ornaments, or add a personal touch with a collage of family photos. If you have space to spare, decorative accessories – such as ornate vases and hanging chandeliers – are also useful for a drab-to-fab transformation.

Here’s some inspiration for you to get started with creating a dining room that you can be proud of: