Kitchen Interior Design

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and a well-designed kitchen would certainly help you whip up amazing dishes and spreads with ease. So, it’s time to put some thought into how you would want to shape out your kitchen.

  1. Think about the space and the number of people in it when whipping up meals. Have a big family? Ensure that there’s ample counter space for food preparation. Preferably have enough area to prep the food a little further away from the stove and sink. And especially if your home has the luxury of a huge kitchen, consider bringing in a kitchen peninsula, kitchen island or a separate wet and dry kitchen.
  2. Think about how you want to move about in the kitchen. If you are an avid cooker, ensure condiments and sauces are easily accessible from where the stove is.
  3. Would you prefer a full kitchen (with top and bottom cabinets)? Or is something easier to reach (and loose) more to your liking?
  4. Decide where to place the kitchen appliances, as it will determine the number of power sockets required during the renovation discussion with the ID.
  5. A frequent user of the oven? If space permits, consider placing the oven higher up from the ground instead of tucking it under the lower kitchen cabinet.
  6. Have dead corners that seems like wasted storage space? Try installing a Lazy Susan compartment in your countertop.

Not sure how to go about designing a kitchen concept that will suit your cooking habits?

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