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4 Uniquely Malaysian Home Problems, and How to Fix Them

February 4, 2019

Having a place to call home may be a universal concept, but how we live in our spaces differs from country to country, culture to culture.

malaysian home problems fix

Interior firm: Anwill Design Sdn Bhd

And right here in Malaysia, we’re no different! Whether it’s dealing with the year-long summer heat or facing a ton of shoes by the porch during family gatherings, we have our fair share of unique household habits and issues. So, in celebration of that, here are a couple of design hacks to help you solve them in your home!

1. Dealing with 30-degree weather, all the time

malaysian home problems fix

Interior firm: Matt Design

‘Hygge’, what? Thick-knit blankets and cosy rugs are warm, snug and all, but you’ll be melting into a puddle of sweat with them in here. And even without them, you’re already struggling when the heat hits. Pass the air-conditioner remote, please. Or at least the hand fan?

The fix:

There are many ways to improve the ventilation and coolness of your home. Consider going for ‘colder’ floors like glossy stone or tile or add indoor greenery to purify and circulate the air with oxygen during the day. There are a couple of household habits you can pick up too, like closing the windows in the afternoons and leaving the front and back doors slightly open to allow wind to pass through.

2. Family gatherings, mega-style

malaysian home problems fix

Interior firm: X Two Concept

Be it celebrating someone’s birthday, hosting a potluck or simply dropping by for a chat, Malaysians are always finding reasons to gather and spend quality time with family! Perhaps that’s why we always have spare stacking stools and foldable tables on standby.

The fix:

Think in the long run and consider going for extendable dining tables to accommodate more people. Or, get dining benches that take up less space and that others can squeeze in. Other alternatives? Consider designing a kitchen island/bar counter which can be used to prepare foods or host guests.

3. A sea of shoes by the front door

malaysian home problems fix

Interior firm: Designers' Home

It has been ingrained in us since young – take off your shoes before entering a home. As a result, our front door has become a designated drop-off point for all our sneakers, slippers, etc. Which is just as well, as it makes it more convenient for us to slip into them when we’re about to head out!

The fix:

Don’t want to be greeted with a mess every time you head home? Keep things organized with storage benches that double as a seating area for people to sit on when struggling with more complicated footwear. Another solution is to create a floating shoe cabinet; the niche under it can be used to slide in frequently used shoes for convenience.

4. Snacks, snacks, snacks

malaysian home problems fix

Interior firm: The Crafters

Whether it’s for guests (or for you to binge on during movie nights), you know what we’re talking about. Containers of keropok, biscuits and crackers, nuts strewn everywhere from your kitchen, dining table to the floor by your sofa. Great for satisfying your tummy, not so great in terms of cleanliness.

The fix:

Get a trolley cart that you can easily transport your tidbits around in, without taking up much space. But if that’s not enough to store everything you’ve got, design a dry pantry with open shelving to place your foodstuffs and promote easy access. Blend it to the colour or finish of your walls for a seamless look.

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