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5 Tips for Creating Your Own At-Home Cafe

August 19, 2021

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Visiting a cafe is one of those simple pleasures that many of us have missed since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. For some people, visiting a cafe isn’t just about sipping a frothy, creamy, extra hot, double foam latte; it’s also about the cosy atmosphere, which is ideal for catching up with friends, working or reading a good book.

at home cafe
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However, being at home doesn’t mean you need to give up all of your pre-pandemic routines or activities. If you miss spending time in a cafe, these simple tips will help you to create a similar cosy cafe-like environment at home.

1. Set up a designated space

The first step in creating an at-home cafe is to find an ideal location for your morning coffee or afternoon tea. It doesn't have to be a large space; after all, most cafes these days are small and intimate.

There are numerous places in your home that can be transformed into a cosy cafe spot, ranging from a small nook in your dining room to countertop corners. If you have a small balcony, you can even set up your own version of a French street cafe.

2. Incorporate casual seating

Once you've found a cosy spot for your at-home cafe, start furnishing it with simple, pared-down furniture to give it an informal, laid-back vibe. A counter height table and bar stools are a great way to add some casualness to your space and are extremely versatile to work with.

at home cafe
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Built-in benches and communal tables are common in coffee shops as they seat more customers. They are also great in a home setting, especially if you have a small space that would make individual chairs feel too crowded. If you want to add extra comfort, deck it out with plenty of cushions and soft furnishings.

3. Invest in matching homewares

One of the things we love the most about visiting cafes is their matching coffee cups or mugs. If you want to replicate the same atmosphere found in most cafes, choose mugs and cups with simple designs and similar colours rather than those with busy patterns or graphics.

at home cafe
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Hot beverages look best in round mugs with saucers, while cold beverages can be displayed in simple glasses. Instead of large plates that may appear too grand and overwhelm the small table, opt for a variety of small plates. This will make your at-home cafe look cute and cosy, similar to minimalist cafes.

4. Opt for open shelving

If you're a bookworm, the best way to recreate the coffee shop atmosphere at home is to display books or magazines on open shelves. It will add a level of charm that is often found in many cafes.

at home cafe
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Besides books, many cafes take advantage of open shelves to showcase crockery, ingredients, and merchandise. You can steal that idea by displaying your matching cups and mugs, flower vases or ceramic ware on these shelves to elevate the cafe vibe in your home.

5. Get some indoor plants

From little tabletop pots to bigger planters, it is always good to see a touch of greenery inside a home. In addition to softening the design, indoor plants effortlessly infuse a cafe-like appeal with the sense of refreshment they lend to a place. Besides plants, you can also add a small vase to display a few stalks of flowers to create a cosy atmosphere in your space.

6. Install a chalkboard wall

Can a cafe-style decor be complete without a chalkboard? Chalkboards are one of the most efficient ways to display daily specials or menus. To recreate the same cafe vibe at home, consider installing a chalkboard and use it to write down inspirational quotes, to-do lists, or any fun messages for your family.

Create a cafe-like atmosphere in your home with Chottō’s products!

at home cafe
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If you are looking to purchase simple, beautiful homeware for your home, Chottō is the best place to start!

Founded in December 2020, Chottō is a lifestyle brand that sells everyday homewares that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Chottō is a Japanese word that means to stop, slow down, and not miss the beautiful little things around you.

The company sells handmade homewares rather than mass-produced items, so each item is unique and produced with a true sense of craftsmanship. At Chottō, you can find everything you need to create a cafe-like aesthetic in your home, from handmade ceramic plates to coffee cups or mugs to eco-friendly glass straws.

at home cafe
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“Beautiful homewares are not only necessary, but they can also help to make our dining table look more presentable and our food looks more appetising,” said Jayne, founder of Chottō.

Jayne enjoys collecting homewares and crockery for her own use. As part of her personal interest, she decided to start a small business to meet her own needs and share the little things she enjoys with everyone so that others can benefit from them as well!

“I believe that everyone should find a way to have fun while staying at home during this pandemic by doing things like drinking coffee, eating desserts, or cooking, so beautiful dinnerware is one of the necessities that can add a little joy to your daily routine,” Jayne added.

at home cafe
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Visit Chottō's Instagram account (@Bychotto) to purchase their products or for inspiration on how to create a minimalist-looking dining space in your own home. We guarantee you'll fall in love with Chottō's products the moment you visit their IG shop!

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at home cafe
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