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5 Ways To Hotel-ify Your Bedroom

February 17, 2017

Can’t find time for a vacation? All the more reason to create a hotel-like experience, right in your bedroom. This way, you unwind as though you're checking into the Ritz every single day, all within the comforts of your own space.

Thankfully, revamping your bedroom into a high-end suite can be done with just a few clever design swaps. Here are 5 easy tricks to transform your drab sleeping quarters into one worthy of a 5 star hotel!

1. Declutter Away

Luxury hotel rooms usually look impeccably styled, and there's nothing really out of place. Thus, a little housekeeping is definitely in order; Be ruthless and get rid of everything you don't need or won't belong to your aesthetic.

5 Ways To Hotel-ify Your Bedroom

Interior Designer: X Two Concept
Location: Symphony Hills

Keep unsightly knick knacks, cables or spare wires hidden from sight. You’ll be amazed at just how much of a difference it makes to simply tidy up!

5 Ways To Hotel-ify Your Bedroom

Interior Designer: DesignStream Sdn Bhd
Location: Pavilion Hilltop

2. Rearrange Furniture

Keep in mind that most fancy hotel rooms strive to adopt clean lines in their interior to make the best use of their space. To mimic a hotel furniture layout in your own bedroom, start off by angling your bed angling to the center of the back wall.

5 Ways To Hotel-ify Your Bedroom

Interior Designer: B&N Design Associate Sdn Bhd
Location: Pavilion Residences

Make your bed the focal point in your space, and arrange the rest of your furniture (like your end tables, lamps or chairs) with respect to its position.

Bonus Tip: The presentation of your bed is central to a classic hotel look. Start with a high thread count bed sheet in light or plain colours. To finish off, cover it up with a plush duvet and slip in a comfy mattress topper to hike up the comfort levels.

5 Ways To Hotel-ify Your Bedroom

Interior Designer: EDI: Essential Design Integrated
Location: SS24 Semi D

3. Create Different Bedroom 'Zones'

You might have noticed that hotel rooms often have separate functional spaces within its space. Commonly, there's a sleep zone with a bed, a lounge featuring a comfy chair, and a workspace with a desk and formal chair.

5 Ways To Hotel-ify Your Bedroom

Interior Designer: EDI: Essential Design Integrated
Location: Pavilion Suites, Taiping

While you don’t have to incorporate all of these into your bedroom, do try to keep whatever functional zones in your bedroom distinct. This will enable you to enjoy an easier walking flow, and design-wise helps to maintain a sleeker look overall.

5 Ways To Hotel-ify Your Bedroom

Interior Designer: Metrics Global Sdn Bhd
Location: Damansara City

4. Cosy Up With Incandescent Lighting

Hotels often use dim, warm lighting over stark-white, fluorescent ones. Swap your usual bright lights for a softer illumination; Layer lighting with tall, upward facing lamps, bedside lamps as well as wall lights to dramatically improve the ambience in the room. This should also provide sufficient light for reading in bed.

5 Ways To Hotel-ify Your Bedroom

Interior Designer: Archiplan Interior Design
Location: Quayside, E & O @ Penang

Best of all, lampshades vary in style, so you can go ahead and pick one to mesh with your overall theme! Hotels tend to go simple with lampshades, often choosing neutral-toned fabrics with pleats for maximum softness and ambience.

5 Ways To Hotel-ify Your Bedroom

Interior Designer: UP Creations
Location: Villa Pines, KL

Bonus Tip: Block-coloured curtains are easier to match and is more calming than ones with heavy prints. Look for thicker materials, so you can block sunlight and sleep in comfortably on the weekends.

5. Try Wallpaper

If you’re up for a little more dramatic transformation, fancy walls are the way to go. Since design options are aplenty, you can use wallpaper to easily replicate your favourite hotel room or simply match the current décor of your room.

5 Ways To Hotel-ify Your Bedroom

Interior Designer: Nice Style Refurbishment
Location: Southern Marina

An easy option would be to choose neutrals such as tan, beige or cream, or gentle pastels in light pink or peach. For a period look, try florals or regal textures like silk or velvet. Avoid cooler white tones though, as these can take your room away from the cosy theme.

5 Ways To Hotel-ify Your Bedroom

Interior Designer: A&A Concept and Design Contract Sdn Bhd
Location: Putri Palma

Want to do more with your bedroom and turn it into a bona fide sanctuary? You’ll need a highly creative design team on your side! Just [drop us a free quote request](, and we’ll be happy to match you up with 5 interior designers!

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