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6 Simple Ways to Personalise Your Home Switches

August 6, 2020

It’s hard to resist the allure of a full-home makeover. However, changing the overall look of your home, such as repainting, replacing new furniture and lighting requires a lot of time, money and professional skills.

Fortunately, you can completely transform the overall look of your home without needing to invest in expensive furniture or paint jobs!

Schneider Electric

One of the fastest and easiest ways to refresh your home is by replacing those discoloured and stained, builder-grade light switches and outlet covers with Schneider Electric AvatorOn. Unlike other standard switches in the market, the Schneider Electric AvatorOn switch features a slim profile, with smooth and polished cover.

The frameless Schneider Electric AvatarOn switch comes with an array of printable covers that allow you to personalise them with your desired choice of designs. You can print anything from patterns, paintings, to even photos onto your AvatarOn switch cover via the Photobook app and your designs will be printed in high-resolution digital technology, ensuring clear details and long-lasting colours.

Schneider Electric

The possibilities to personalise your AvatarOn switch cover are endless! Here are a few ways that you can incorporate on your Electric AvatarOn switch cover to create a stylish impact on your home.

1. Extra canvas on the wall

Nothing puts a personal spin on a space quite like your own painting printed on your home switches. The fully customisable AvatarOn provides you with extra canvas to showcase your creativity in a subtle yet apparent way, so you can create exactly the look you want, and have the exact painting printed on your switch cover. This will make your home feel more personalized than those random posters or wall art you found online or bought in a store.

Schneider Electric

It is also the best way to display your creativity and be proud of it every time you flick the switch. So put your thinking cap on, pick a theme, and get painting!

2. Display your personal mementos in a different way

Instead of having your photos framed onto a wall, you can also personalise and print your AvatarOn switch covers with images that remind you of the places you have been or travelled in the past and images of your favourite memories. This is another way to create a certain je ne sais quoi in your home in a subtle way!

Schneider Electric

3. A daily reminder to help you conserve electricity

You could also print inspirational quotes, humour or anything that really speaks to you as a daily reminder or motivation with every flick of a switch! Do you often forget to turn the lights off? How about printing an animated girl or a boy turning the lights off on your switch cover? You can also print an arrow with an OFF word on your switch. This will help you to remember that a switch must always be turned off after each use.

Schneider Electric

4. Introducing a pop of colour to your wall

Introducing bold colour choices such as sunny yellow or millennial pink on your AvatarOn switch is also a great way to add a pop of colour, without being too overwhelming as it only covers a small portion of your walls. It can also help to highlight the room, especially if you have a plain white or grey wall.

Schneider Electric

5. Create a streamlined look with a little texture

Your AvatarOn switch cover can also be customised to complement your home’s colour scheme and wallpaper designs for a more seamless and inviting look. Besides wallpaper or your wall paint, you can also create a streamlined finish of your home by purchasing AvatarOn switch cover to match your home’s flooring, such as light or dark wood, or brushed gold and hairline gold for a timeless and elegant look.

Schneider Electric

6. Put fun patterns to work

A floral print bedspread, for example, does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to decor. But prints aren’t reserved for the bedsheets. They’re just as arresting when applied to your home switches as well. You can incorporate your favourite pattern on your switch cover to match certain house decor like curtains, bedsheets or throw pillows, for a cosy and inviting look.

Schneider Electric

Transforming the overall look of your home has never been easier!

As design trends are constantly evolving, home decor changes from time to time accordingly. If you are worried about making a commitment you might regret later, fret not, as the AvatarOn switch cover can be replaced as often as you wish.

The innovative snap-on replaceable cover design of AvatarOn gives you the flexibility to replace the switch with a one-hand cover removal, as simple as changing a mobile phone case without leaving any residue. So you can choose one style that speaks to you right now and when you need a quick home refresh/update, you replace it with a different switch cover.

Schneider Electric

Get your Schneider Electric AvatarOn today!

The Schneider Electric AvatarOn switches and sockets are available for purchase online via Lazada or Shopee. To find out more information about the AvatarOn switch, click here to visit their official website and click here to follow their official Facebook page.

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