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6 Ways to Makeover Your Rental (Without Breaking the Rules)

May 4, 2018

Decorating a rented home certainly comes with its own set of challenges.
You’ll likely not be permitted to make drastic changes like building hulking fixtures or hacking walls. And even then you may wonder if it is worth the time, effort and money - when the home does not belong to you!

Well we definitely think its worth the effort. Considering you might be staying there for some time, wouldn't it be better to enjoy an inviting, comfortable atmosphere that feels more like home? To get things started, here are six pocket-friendly, makeover projects to help spruce up your drab rental. Best of all? They are usually landlord approved!

1. Refloor with faux flooring

Makeover ideas for rental homes Malaysia

Interior Designer: Moonlit Inspiration

There’s not much you can do if the home you are renting is fitted with outdated, stained, chipped or plain unflattering floors. You certainly can’t have the floors replaced – it would be too costly.

Makeover ideas for rental homes Malaysia

Interior Designer: Archiplan Interior Design

However, there are many cost-friendly options if you are open to the idea of ‘temporary flooring’. Stylish temp options include faux laminate wood and removable vinyl tiles, which can be placed over existing flooring, then removed, when you relocate.

2. Fill the empty space with loose furniture

Makeover ideas for rental homes Malaysia

Interior Designer: Zyon Interior Design

If buying new furniture, choose staple pieces that can be mixed-and-matched and moved around easily. Modular sofas and neutral-coloured, sleek accent chairs are good options since these can be fitted in multiple layout styles.

Makeover ideas for rental homes Malaysia

Interior Designer: Designlah

Look for ‘staple’ pieces like small to medium-sized wooden coffee tables, neutral-toned TV consoles, and Nordic-themed dining sets (as opposed to a large, Chinese marble dining table), etc.

3. Light up with statement lamps

Makeover ideas for rental homes Malaysia

Interior Designer: Roomia

Since most houses-for-rent in Malaysia only provide the bare necessities when it comes to lighting i.e. fluorescent tubes; you’ll have to upgrade if you want soft, ambient illumination.

Makeover ideas for rental homes Malaysia

interior Designer: Anwill Design Sdn Bhd

However, installing wall fixtures or ceiling lights might be out of the question due to cost and the need for permission. Thus, your next best bet is to opt for lampshades. Go with multiple sizes, heights and styles such as smaller table lamps, upward-cast floor lamps, down bridge and tower lamps.

4. Colour up your space with paint

Makeover ideas for rental homes Malaysia

Interior Designer: Yong Studio

While most landlords may not allow a tenant to do major renovation works, a new coat of paint usually passes. And yes - they have the ability to completely transform a space.

Makeover ideas for rental homes Malaysia

Interior Designer: Designlah

Besides choosing a fresh colour for your walls, consider mixing it up by going for graphic painting techniques (like half-walls, geometrical shapes) for a statement-making touch. Also think about where else you can put a splash of colour on. If your landlord allows, painting your doors can also seriously help to transform a rented home!

5. Or consider removable wallpaper

Makeover ideas for rental homes Malaysia

Interior Designer: Hatch Interior Studio

If the landlord doesn’t allow you to paint the home or if you don’t want to spend the time, effort and cost to paint, do consider removable wall paper.

This is an incredible option for renters as the wallpaper can be installed easily and then conveniently removed when relocating. Depending on the quality, you may be able to reinstall it.

Makeover ideas for rental homes Malaysia

Interior Designer: Amorphous Design

In addition to wallpaper, you can spruce up walls with textured decals or even a ‘faux’ feature wall. You can find 3D, textured wall stickers that look like brick, woodgrain and more! You can buy these pieces online from popular online stores like Lazada and Shopee.

Look for decals, paint stencils or new peel-away wallpaper that waxes on and off just like a sticker.

6. Lastly, finish off with homely touches!

Makeover ideas for rental homes Malaysia

Remember that whether temporary or not – the rented home is yours to enjoy (until you stop paying rent). The best way to (figuratively) make it your own is to add personal pieces. Hang your favourite art, display pretty figurines and showcase family photos in nice frames. Otherwise, some lush plants can help to refresh a dull space!

Makeover ideas for rental homes Malaysia

Interior Designer: Amorphous Design

If your rental contract forbids you to hammer nails or drill into walls, consider strong adhesive strips or hooks, available at your local hardware store.

So, should you hire an interior designer for a rented home?

Should you spend the money and get a professional interior designer to help decorate a rented home? Well, for starters, it depends on how long you plan to live in the home.

If it is for less than two years, consider opting for a one-time consultation to get advice and tips on decorating.

However, if you plan to stay for longer than two years and need help making your rented home appear as homely as possible, hiring an interior designer might be a good idea.

You may ask an interior designer for help with arrangements and layout, choosing furniture, temporary storage solutions, colour tips, and other design issues.

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