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7 Best Furniture Pieces To Have From Every Decade

November 3, 2017

When buying furniture, fittings and décor accessories for your home, opting for overtly trendy pieces cost a lot and is a risky decision most of the time. After all, trends come and go, often quicker than expected. So unless you plan to redecorate every season, it may be a better idea to pin down classic looks and pieces that endure instead.

Here is a list of furniture and décor items that do not bow to fickle interior design trends:

From the 20s: Lampshade Chandeliers

Vintage Furniture Modern Classic Malaysia
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Interior Designer: Movent Signature Design

When considering lighting fixtures that are classy, elegant and timeless, nothing does the trick like lampshade chandeliers. These pieces bring a charming, gentle balance to the interiors, blending seamlessly to offer ambient, soft lighting.

Choose shades with lighter materials e.g. linen or burlap for a contemporary look or opt for coloured or sheer styles like organza for an artsy twist.

From the 30s: Dark-Wood Vanity Dressers

Vintage Furniture Modern Classic Malaysia
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Interior Designer: Torch Empire

Spruce up your bedroom with a blast from the past! 1930s-styled vanity dressers are definitive statement pieces that add instant charm. What’s more, it can go with almost any décor style - whether modern, contemporary, eclectic, Scandinavian, French or rustic.

Pair it with lighter pieces or with neutral-toned interiors and let this piece anchor your bedroom with its presence.

From the 50s: Black-and-White Vinyl Flooring

Vintage Furniture Modern Classic Malaysia
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Source: Zazous Inspirational Design

Suburban American kitchen décor from the 50s and 60s were famous for vinyl flooring and in some respects, it never really went out of style. Vinyl is a fantastic material to use around the home due to its reasonable price, colour options, durability and soft surface.

Black-and-white checkered vinyl floors are versatile enough to match many different décor styles (e.g. modern, contemporary, minimalist, etc.). It is a good choice for kitchens and bathrooms because of its water-resistant quality but also for kids’ playroom thanks to its forgiving surface and quirky colour scheme.

From the 60s: Print Armchairs

Vintage Furniture Modern Classic Malaysia
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Interior Designer: Design Geeks Sdn Bhd

Visually striking and always en vogue, printed fabric armchairs are designer-friendly focal pieces that up the style factor effortlessly. There’s always a print armchair for every décor!

Try neutral-toned fabric chairs with swirly motifs (e.g. italic wording) for modern, contemporary, Scandinavian, French, mid-century and shabby chic décor. For more upbeat décor styles, choose coloured upholstery with eccentric motifs such as large animal, floral or tropical prints.

From the 70s: String-Bead Curtains

Vintage Furniture Modern Classic Malaysia
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Source: The Wicker House

Old-school cool is heightened with the addition of string-bead curtains! These ultra-fun and light-hearted décor accessories go well with youthful, energetic décor like eclectic, bohemian, artsy, Asian, Zen and shabby chic styles.

But even sophisticated or upscale interiors can work with a beaded curtain of the right materials. For instance, crystal (or acrylic) beads can appear simpatico with modern, contemporary, traditional, French and mid-century décor.

From the 80s: Canvas Art Prints

Vintage Furniture Modern Classic Malaysia
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Interior Designer: Anith Design Studio

Art is always going to be in fashion at home so relatively affordable print pieces are here to stay! Art prints add edge and personality to lifeless décor, often framing or pulling together the intended look. They can also add a visual element to cure design ailments such as infusing movement to fusty interiors with bright or colour-popping pieces.

Vintage Furniture Modern Classic Malaysia
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Interior Designer: Hatch Interior Studio

For Scandi, modern and contemporary decor, black-and-white prints are the go-to. For more energetic décor styles, 60s and 80s pop art prints with neon hues make for wonderful additions to retro, eclectic, artsy, urban and even certain chic varieties of industrial décor.

From the 90s: Modern Beanbags & Pouffes

Vintage Furniture Modern Classic Malaysia
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Interior Designer: Klaas Design & Build

Remember the 90s? Well, this is the time when beanbags and pouffes reigned supreme! It has remained popular with modern versions entering living rooms, bedrooms, entertainment areas, lounge spots and kids’ rooms. What we especially love about these beanbag chairs and pouffes is that they come in a variety of colours and materials, making it a breeze to meld with most décor styles.

Still, you have to a bit cautious with these types of chairs, more so beanbags, in structured décor à la modern or traditional styles. This is because these chairs can appear “lazy” and throw off the tightly organized visuals that are typical of such décor styles. Try to confine beanbags to certain zones (easily done with a medium-size carpet) or cordon off a lounge area with similar pieces like large throw pillows, cradles or Zoe chairs.

Want a classic home that is still in fashion ten years down the road?

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