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4 Facts About Renovation Packages You Should Be Aware Of

The all-inclusive renovation package that you saw in a mailer seems to be the right fit for your budget, plus it even comes with attractive bonuses, so you should sign up immediately right? Not so fast. Before you commit, read this guide to find out if a renovation package is truly what you want and need.

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Are you really getting a bargain?

It’s a simple fact of business: quality scales to price. So, if you get quoted a price that seems too good to be true for what you are buying, you can (almost always) be sure that something is afoot.

For instance, in the case of renovations, cheaper materials may be used, which means there’s a chance that they won’t hold up as well to wear and tear. Not to forget, you'll also end up paying more at the end of the day after footing a hefty bill for repairs and/or replacements.

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The end product may not suit your needs…

Renovation packages at times offer a limited range of services and/or products (read: materials, fixtures, and fittings) as a way of cutting costs, and because of that your home may not be built according to your exact requirements.

This also poses an issue when it comes to space specifications. Measurements tend to vary for the same room/area across different homes, which means you may need to pay extra to extend your cabinetry if you have a larger kitchen and/or bedroom, just so that everything fits perfectly.

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… or style

Lack of customisation options aside, your home may end up looking generic because of the ‘standard template’ that renovation packages follow. So, unless you don’t mind your home looking similar to many others, it may be prudent to reconsider your purchase.

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Are you missing something?

Renovation packages tend to offer a range of services, whereby space planning, carpentry, and plumbing works are all provided at a fixed price. However, does this cover every area of your renovation, or is there more that needs to be done?

Depending on what’s being offered and what’s not, you may end up getting charged for additional – but essential – works that aren’t included in the ‘base’ package (e.g. electrical works, which we conveniently omitted above), so keep a lookout for these hidden costs.

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So, should I get a renovation package?

Ultimately, it all boils down to your personal preference. If you are looking for a quick makeover, go ahead. On the other hand, if you (like us) believe in taking the time to build a home that truly fits your lifestyle and requirements, you may instead want to meet with a professional interior designer.

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