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Designer Spotlight: Icon Factory

June 23, 2016

Most homeowners today are not just looking for a well-designed home but one that is full of innovative interior design solutions that solve problems such as a lack of storage spaces. This is where ICON FACTORY comes in.

With numerous accolades to their name, the team at ICON FACTORY is experienced in creating homes that are attuned to their clients’ lifestyles. We sat down for a chat with the team and get them to share about their journey to becoming an iconic firm in the interior design scene.

Designer Spotlight: Icon Factory
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Qanvast: Tell us more about your firm – how did it get started?

ICON FACTORY (IF): We started as a branding consultancy company and quickly expanded our repertoire to suit the market needs. This includes planning events, project management, hosting exhibitions and designing. After a few years, we decided to diversify our company’s services in the area of ‘design and build’. Backed by many talented and hardworking young designers, our company managed to transform into what it is today.

Qanvast: How’s the culture of your firm like?

IF: We have a value that we always reinforce within the team: to be able to ‘give’ a lifestyle to our client, we need to have that lifestyle ourselves. We have to be able to understand the needs of the client and their norms so that our design won’t be incompatible with their lifestyle and needs.

As designer must always understand their client’s lifestyle – only then they can produce something good. Design needs to connect with the end user in order for it to be appreciated.

Designer Spotlight: Icon Factory
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Qanvast: What is your firm’s signature style – one that homeowners remember and share with their friends?

IF: We believe that design is an expression of purpose; we strive to provide design solutions to reflect our client’s identity and needs. In addition to coming up with designs based on our client’s needs, we always try to provide a surprise factor in our design. Such surprise factors include hidden functionalities in our design such as hidden cabinets or doors, collapsible doors or perhaps a feature wall with some hidden or built-in function. We won’t reveal everything here [laughs]. These elements of surprise definitely spice up the design!

At the end of the day, making a design that can fulfill the client’s needs and making them happy in their daily life within our designed space is all that matters.

Designer Spotlight: Icon Factory
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Qanvast: Where do you get your design inspirations?

IF: Our team tries to get inspiration through various avenues such as movies, books and daily touch objects. Despite this, we find that the most effective way to source for inspiration is by utilising our five senses. By utilising these senses, we are able to get a more intimate idea for design.

Qanvast: What is your best project to date?

IF: We are most proud of our project at Megaria Condominium in the Bukit Serdang area as we managed to do it on a very tight budget and deadline. Another honourable mention is the recently completed project, Tropicana Avenue, at PJ. This project best embodies our philosophy as we managed to give this small studio a luxurious treatment despite its size.

Designer Spotlight: Icon Factory
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Qanvast: What design tips you will give to first-time homeowners?

IF: Everyone has their own point of view and their value of aesthetics is very different. Thus, it is important for homeowners that are dealing with designers to communicate this point to them. Don’t be afraid to tell the designers what you like and what you don’t.

At ICON FACTORY, we will go through extensive research and hold many Q&A sessions with homeowners in order to study home user daily habits, behaviours, lifestyle, hobbies and the wish list.

Designer Spotlight: Icon Factory
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Qanvast: What is the most memorable project you participated, and why?

IF: The most memorable project we have worked on so far would have to be with the developer “Mammoth Empire” in Subang. It was our first project after getting into the industry and it really sets the tone of our company’s growth. Starting from nothing, our team managed to prepare everything in order to complete the project. It was a valuable experience for us. We love challenges and solving problems is part of our job.

Designer Spotlight: Icon Factory
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Icon Factory

Years of Experience: More than 10 years

Projects completed to date: More than 100

Awards / Milestones:
• 4 times Malaysian Young Designer Awards 2005 - 2008
• 2 International Awards 2010 (Garden & Gift Category)
• Malaysia SME Awards 2012 (Renovation Category)
• Panel Interior Designer for Mah Sing Group 2013 Onwards
• Panel Interior Designer for SP Setia Group of Companies 2013 Onwards
• 2014 - 2015 Magazine Interview & Design Awards for IN DESIGN, Creative Home & Renovation.
• Designer Concepts Awards 2015 Entering INDesign Designer Awards
• Asia Pacific Design & Build Selected For Design Category

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