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Everything You Need To Know About Laminates

November 7, 2018

Why Go For Laminates

Laminates, which are technically a hardy overlay or protective covering, is an incredibly versatile component of home décor and design. It practically fortifies cabinetry and flooring, and can be an aesthetically viable option that mimics high-end materials like hardwood and marble, etc.

Let’s dive deep into the reasons why laminates are our preferred choice:

• Variety of Colours, Finishing and Textures

Guide to choosing laminates
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One of the main draws of laminates is its incredibly comprehensive collections of colours and finishing that can be adapted for use in any part of the home and for any style of design.

From high-gloss to mattes and everything in between; it’s relatively easy to discover a laminate that can be perfectly fitted to your décor and style aspirations.

Guide to choosing laminates
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• Potentially Low-Cost

Laminates are generally the more cost-friendly option, especially when compared to the “real thing”.

For instance, wood veneer versus laminates in the style of hardwood with realistic colour, texture, and graining, etc., can differ in pricing as the former is more expensive.

With that said, high-end, luxury laminates can also be pricey. In fact, laminates can be as costly or as inexpensive as you need it to be.
Of course, the higher priced varieties are often (though not always) more resistant, closer in replication, and offer more attractive, high tech finishing.

Guide to choosing laminates
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• High Durability

Laminates are generally more durable than their closest comparison, veneers. Still, the level of hardiness varies and depends on one’s needs.

In living and dining rooms (and kitchens), stain and chip-resistant laminates are definitely a feature to look out for. There are many other types of laminates with special features that enhance lifespan; such as the laminates by Robina Flooring which has anti-termite properties.

There are many ways to get your hands on quality laminates but the best way is to see it in all its glory, before buying. This is because when purchased online or picked out of a sample book, it can be difficult to get a real sense of how the laminate will appear in your home.

Hence we strongly recommend to visit a laminate showroom to look at and feel the quality of laminates and learn about its application.

It’s extra important to inspect full-scale samples, whenever possible, especially if you are looking for textured laminates or flooring options (to gauge underfoot experience and sound resistance).

Guide to choosing laminates
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Make an appointment with a laminate specialist store and be prepared to spend a bit of time going through various samples and options.

Also, do take note of the effects from (natural) lighting sources and know that certain gloss or other reflective materials may not appear identical in your home, if it is not lighted in the same way.

The actual item can be quite different from the online gallery and if you are looking for something specific to match with your home décor, getting the ‘wrong’ laminate can be a significant issue.

Thus, if you aren’t able to inspect the piece before buying online, do make sure the seller provides hassle-free and low cost (or free) returns and refunds if you are unsatisfied.

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