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Expectation VS Reality: 4 Surprisingly 'Fussy' Home Ideas

December 1, 2017

Tempted to fit your home with the most trendy or glamourous fixtures, materials and décor? Well, no one can fault you for wanting the best for your home! Still, it’s a good idea to get the whole picture before you spend money fulfilling your home décor wish list.

Here are four common home fixtures, fittings and design concepts that may need more care than you might expect:

1. Marble Floors & Countertops

Interior Designer: The Roof Studio

Real marble is the ultimate splurge when it comes to home décor! In terms of appearance, it’s attractive and elegant, often reflecting luxurious style. It’s also very cooling and typically long-lasting.

Interior Designer: Kiwi Interior

But oh, are there downsides. It’s also pricey, notoriously easy to stain and scratch, prone to water damage, high-maintenance and can be a hard, unforgiving material. Marble is the poster child for being the fussiest material that needs extra TLC.

Interior Designer: Turn Design Interior

If you have kids or pets at home, you may want reconsider and opt for cork, laminate or wood instead. These flooring options offer a softer surface that is also easier to maintain and better suited for a cosy, homey vibe.

Interior Designer: Pocket Square

As for countertops, other stone materials that might be a better fit include granite, which is slightly less expensive than marble but more resilient; and quartz, with its marble-like appearance and better durability.

2. Recessed Lighting

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While this popular lighting style can offer even illumination, a clean and unexposed presence and is generally energy-efficient, there are some disadvantages you should know about.

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For starters, changing the bulbs for recessed lighting can be a tough chore that gets even harder when you have very high ceilings. Moreover, recessed lighting may not be apt for older homes with decorative, textured or concrete ceilings.

Interior Designer: Red Land Design

And there's the cost. Building recessed lighting will require more structural works and a larger quantity of fixtures compared to conventional lights. Then there are installation costs and bulbs too, which are pricier than standard tube lighting. Of course, these are sometimes packaged together but overall, the expense does add up.

Interior Designer: Core Design Workshop

So, think if you really need that cove light - if you're on a tight budget. And think for yourself in the long run - are you willing to deal with it's significantly higher level of maintenance? If the answer's no - go for easier options like spotlights or hanging pendants.

3. Bottom Hung Kitchen Sinks

Interior Designer: Amorphous Design

These types of sinks are quickly becoming popular in Malaysia because of their deep and seamless build.

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However, these sinks are often more expensive to fit and the linked countertops can be costly as well. Furthermore, bottom hung sinks aren't the most sanitary too - this is because crevices between the countertop and attached sink can build up with food scraps and gunk over the years, and can be extremely difficult to reach.

Interior Designer: Rosamund Sparks

As a result, sinks like these will require some maintenance every few years; you’ll have to scrape out the old caulk and grime, and then reapply.

Interior Designer: Nice Style Refurbishment

A better option in terms of price, maintenance and being easy-to-clean, are top or flush mount sinks, which sit atop or flush to the countertop sinks respectively. These types of sinks are less complicated to install and a easier to clean, since the crevices and rims are on the countertop, rather than below it.

4. Open Concept Kitchens

A trendy, loft-like open-concept kitchen offers easy transition and connection throughout the rest of the home. And, it works great for many smaller homes, as it poses fewer obstructions which may cramp up a space.

Interior Designer: Pocket Square

There are a few disadvantages to take note of before deciding though. For one, you'll need to consider the wafting odours that can settle in the rest of the home with daily cooking. Now depending on where your stove or burner is placed, your walls could also be stained from food and oil splatter as well as cooking smog.

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Moreover, your stove releases chemical fumes like nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and when frying up fats and oils. Expectedly, it’s not healthy to have such chemicals floating throughout your home but with open-concepts, it’s all the more likely.

Interior Designer: A Moxie Associates Sdn Bhd

That doesn't mean you have to scrape the idea entirely! Minimize these drawbacks by positioning your stove away from plaster walls and instead, placing it against or facing washable tile walls and near windows to keep the place well ventilated. Next, consider installing a hood over your stove; or, simply think about using electric or induction burners instead - which eliminates any gas emissions.

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