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Farmhouse Chic: 4 Decorating Ideas to Steal Right Now!

August 30, 2019

Rustic, warm, and inviting are some of the words commonly associated with the charms of an English country cottage. And so, unsurprisingly; the romance of this interior styling has attracted the interests of homeowners from all over the world.

Kingsville Show Unit by Sachi Interiors
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The balance between the delicate and natural appearance of this décor style coupled with rugged, old-world character can be tricky to replicate, especially since homes in Malaysia are generally structured in modern builds.

Nevertheless, it is achievable with the help of these décor must-haves:

1. Light Floral Prints

Kg. Simee, Ipoh by C Concept Studio
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Think sprawling countryside with flowers and radiant sunshine: floral motifs help you nail that English country style in your home. Use warm and subtle white-based light pink, blue, or yellow floral prints on furniture fabric, throw pillows, drapery, and other soft furnishings to bring a piece of nature indoors.

2. Accent and Signature Pieces

Nature, Manor Born by ZI Atelier Sdn Bhd
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One way to make a quick statement on a certain décor style is by incorporating accent pieces that embody a particular style. For farmhouse décor, look for distinct decorative items such as a fireplace. For example, wooden ladders for open storage or as a display vessel, quilted covers, wooden pails as storage or a vase, vintage tin boxes (to keep letters or as a napkin holder), wicker baskets, and burlap accessories.

Larger signature pieces like shaker cabinets and pastoral wall art can make a perfect addition to your English farmhouse concept décor.

3. Perfectly Mismatched Furniture

Setia Eco Park, Setia Alam by Box Design Studio Sdn Bhd
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Farmhouse interiors are underlined by humble and ‘necessary’ pieces of furniture, and this means that they do not need to match. In fact, it is rare to come across matching dining sets or a sofa lounge where all the seaters are uniform for this décor style. Thus, when choosing furniture for an English farmhouse, focus on the character and quality of individual pieces first. Then, marry it with other pieces that share a unifying theme. For instance, consider a wooden dining table with mismatched shaker chairs or a rustic metal bedframe paired with natural wooden furniture.

4. Fix in Repurposed Pieces

Kg. Simee, Ipoh by C Concept Studio
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Lived-in, weathered, and patina-earned pieces make natural allies to farmhouse décor. This is why you can easily incorporate furniture and other accessories that have been upcycled, reclaimed, or repurposed into a farmhouse-style interior. Vintage handheld mirrors and photo frames, rustic shadow boxes made from reclaimed wood, and recoated wooden-framed mirrors are all perfect examples of farmhouse-ready accessories.

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