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Green Is In: 5 Low-Maintenance House Plants to Decorate With

September 18, 2019

House plants are a simple but effective way to decorate the home for both a homey and sophisticated appeal.

Not only does it add instant colour and freshness, certain house plants are also a healthy addition to the home as it holds air purifying qualities.

While some house plants might require a little more TLC, many indoor greens are easy to cultivate and upkeep.

The Clovers, Bayan Lepas, Penang by Wood & Col Interior Design
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Here are five beautiful indoor plants that are very easy to look after in Malaysian homes:

1. Money plant

This plant is a favourite among Feng Shui practitioners due to its supposed abilities to bring wealth and prosperity to your home. What’s more, taking care of your money plants can be surprisingly easy, as it does not require a fertilizer or even frequent watering. Just place the plant near sunlight and water weekly. Due to its fast-growing properties and flexible vines, you can further decorate your home by growing them on a trellis, or hanging a pot or two over your balcony.

V2 Residence, Sunway Velocity by Cube Asia Design
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2. Aloe vera

Looking for an indoor plant that is not only low-maintenance but also multifunctional? Look no further than the aloe vera! This medicinal plant can heal burns and cuts, and if you are into home beauty treatments; take advantage of your potted aloe and use its gel for face masks and hair conditioners, etc. Water these plants deeply but only once every two to three weeks. Also, avoid placing the plant under direct sunlight.

3. Rubber fig

House Plant Home Decoration
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These hassle-free indoor plants are perfect for those who love greenery, but have little time on their hands. It’s also a great indoor plant for larger interior spaces as they can grow very tall – even up to eight feet in the right conditions. To care for it, just water when the soil feels dry to the touch and make space for it in a low-sunlight spot in your home. Note that the rubber fig has been remarked by NASA to be one of the best air-purifying plants, as it removes bacteria, mould, and other harmful toxins from your home.

4. Bromeliads

House Plant Home Decoration
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These tropical plants will add a touch of colour to your home or garden without requiring much effort on your part. Place these plants in a shallow pot in any brightly-lit area and watch their beautiful thick leaves flourish all year round. There are over 3,000 species of these exotic plants in a wide array of colours and sizes, so you are certain to find one that will complement your home design.

5. Bamboo plant

These beautiful plants are common fixtures in hotel lobbies and high-end commercial locations due to their elegant long leaves and classy appearance. These tropical greens can survive in both cold and warm temperatures and do not require special fertilizers to grow. Place your bamboo plant in a decorative pot to give your home an instant Eastern ambience. These plants are also highly recommended for allergy sufferers, as it removes carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde, and chloroform from the air.

Tijani 2, Bukit Tunku by Dot Works
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