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How To Create A Visual Pop on Your Plain Walls

January 7, 2020

Are your walls looking too plain? Lifeless? Uninteresting? Or too boring? Getting a little colour on your walls is always a great idea when you're looking to bring a new sense of life to a room. However, paint can do more than just colour a room. You can infuse a rich texture onto your walls using Special Effect Paint by KCC.

KCC Paint
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The KCC’s Special Effects Paint allows you to achieve an elegant shiny texture on your walls with its metallic or pearlescent paint effect called the AURORA Prestige. It is a water-based special effects paint that can immediately transform an otherwise boring, white-walled space into one of the most exciting areas in your home!

KCC Paint
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And despite the sophisticated shiny texture, this paint is actually very easy to apply and doesn’t require any specific painting skill or expertise, so it’s a great D.I.Y project for you and your whole family to participate in!

KCC Paint
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Here’s what you’ll need to achieve the look:

● Paint tray
● Paint roller
● Sponge – provided in the AURORA Prestige Toolkit
● Stirrer – provided in the AURORA Prestige Toolkit
● Gloves
● Basecoat paint (KCC AURORA Primer)
● Second coat paint (KCC AURORA Sheen)
● Glaze mixture (KCC AURORA Prestige)

Step-by-step guide:

STEP 1: Ensure walls are clean and free from dirt, flaking paints, etc. Use a scraper or sandpaper if necessary, to clean residues/uneven walls. Using a paint roller, apply the KCC AURORA Primer basecoat to the walls making sure that the paint covers the entire wall evenly. If you notice areas with spotty blotches of the primer or old colour peeping through, paint over them until it is completed covered.

STEP 2: Apply 1 coat of KCC AURORA Sheen once the primer is dry. Don’t forget to allow 2 to 4 hours for the first layer of paint to dry before applying the second layer of paint on your walls. After the first coat is dry, apply a second layer of KCC AURORA Sheen paint with a paint roller.

STEP 3: Once the base coats are dry. Use the KCC AURORA Prestige glaze paint, dip your sponge into the paint lightly and move the sponge into your walls gently in random circular motion. Use random circular patterns to create a consistent finish. The KCC AURORA Prestige is formulated to give a metallic or a pearlescent effect glaze finish to easily create a unique masterpiece feature walls that are truly gorgeous and captivating!

Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to apply the KCC AURORA Prestige paint.


Choosing the perfect colour combination can be time-consuming and overwhelming to some, as there are an endless number of factors to consider, from the colours of your furniture to the amount of light that pours into the room. If you're struggling with finding the right choice of colours, KCC Paint offers suggestions for complementary colours to use to help you to create your desired statement walls without overwhelming the space.

KCC Paint
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If you want to your room to feel energized, go for vibrant colours such as KCC AURORA’s Falling Comet, Royalty or Neon Green. These are great colours to liven up your home. If you want to exude the feeling or romantic and calm, go for a light or cool shade like Fresh Romance, Dusty Pink or Feather. Shades of Clean Seal, Light Cyan and Plain Shadow creates the feeling of tranquillity in a room.

KCC Paint
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The KCC AURORA Prestige starter kit is now available for purchase at Shopee or at any authorised KCC dealers near you.

To find out more info about the KCC AURORA Prestige paint, visit their official website at or

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