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How To Make a Studio Unit Look Cosy and Expansive

March 27, 2019

Studio apartments are exceedingly popular these days in Malaysia for a number of reasons; it’s more affordable, easier to maintain and again – it’s affordable!

Still, even with all these plus points, self-contained studio units (without separate rooms) are generally on the smaller side, ranging from 450 sq. ft. to 750 sq. ft. or more.

Despite its size, your home can still be functional and cosy. Here's how.

1. Concealed storage

How To Make a Studio Unit Look Cosy and Expansive

Interior Firm: Anwill Design

Hidden or concealed storage is necessary in smaller spaces as it decreases the appearance of clutter when compared to open storage or shelving. To make the most of limited space in smaller studios, do look for standalone storage with a good amount of clearing space underneath (e.g. 30cm or more) and slimmer legs, for a slighter appearance. Do also consider furniture with in-built storage.

2. Room Dividers

How To Make a Studio Unit Look Cosy and Expansive

Interior Firm: Rosamund Sparks

Since self-contained studio apartments lack partitions, room dividers or separators can be incredibly useful to form boundaries between spaces. Moreover, moveable dividers can be shifted around to open up or close off distinct spaces when entertaining.

And apart from being a practical item, it can also function as an accent piece to create visual impact in terms of creative décor. There are plenty of styles to choose from as well i.e. with fabric prints, intricate carvings, and wood panels, etc.

3. Rugs

How To Make a Studio Unit Look Cosy and Expansive

Interior Firm: Nature Concept Contracts

Since studio apartments generally lack partitions, adding rugs to the décor can be an easy way to cordon off or create spaces within the open layout. As a rule, do choose rugs with respect to the size and layout of the space you want to be sectioned, for visual symmetry. For instance, if you’d like to create a small, square-ish lounge spot in the apartment; opt for a small to medium-sized (e.g. 4ft x 6ft) area rug in a square or rectangular shape.

4. Multipurpose or convertible furniture

How To Make a Studio Unit Look Cosy and Expansive

Interior Firm: The Crafters

Furniture that can double or triple in its usage or which can be modified (i.e. folded, etc.) is essential for studio apartments. For instance, a butterfly or drop-leaf dining table will save space on a daily basis and accommodate more guests when necessary. Sofa beds should also be considered for its space-saving quality, especially if you are living in a self-contained studio, or to make room for company in one-bedroom studios.

5. Large Mirror

Due to the nature of its layout, build and size, studio apartments can very easily feel small and cramped. By having a large mirror near a light source, it "visually ‘open" up the room, plus, it improves the energy in the house.

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