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How to Make Your Home Décor Stand Out

July 3, 2019

Say goodbye dull and typical-looking homes interiors1 These list of homes here showed us how to add a twist to their homes with decor pieces that excite and inspire. Here's how to achieve the one-in-a-kind look.

1. Treat your walls

Setia Eco Park, Setia Alam by Box Design Studio Sdn Bhd
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View this project by Box Design Studio Sdn Bhd

Plain white walls are a staple look – there is nothing wrong with it – but it’s not necessarily the right way to go when you are trying to create distinctive décor. Consider swapping bare-bones walls for vibrant, decorative wall treatments instead. Try textured paint or wallpaper, fabric panelling, stone cladding, or even stencils or decals, which are both cost-friendly and available online.

Domus Residence, Selangor by Mil Design & Construction
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View this project by Mil Design & Construction

Another fresh idea to consider for wall treatments: a chalkboard wall. Designate one wall and paint with an acrylic-based paint to create a chalkboard-like effect. You’ll be able to write and draw on the walls with chalk and then wipe off with ease. This type of treatment is perfect for family homes, where your kids can have fun decorating the wall with (non-toxic) chalk!

2. Consider graphic tiles

Kiaramas Ayuria, Mont Kiara by A Moxie Associates Sdn Bhd
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View this project by A Moxie Associates Sdn Bhd

You can almost instantly spice up the décor in any space by simply installing colourful, graphic tiles. Pair more neutral design elements with attention-grabbing Talavera, Mediterranean, Arabesque or any geometric print, multi-coloured glossy tiles for bathroom floors and walls, as well as kitchen counters, backsplashes, and floors, etc.

While rare, graphic tiles may also be considered for larger, open-concept living room areas, though a slightly toned-down colour scheme like olive or grey would appear more soothing.

3. Arch those partition walls

Toa Payoh Apex by Mr Shopper Studio
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View this project by Mr Shopper Studio

Bring old-school charm back with arches. Arches create the illusion of movement and a bit of architectural fanfare between rooms/spaces that is inexplicably more exciting. Consider an upgraded arch with bold borders or mixed materials like wood or tile on wall for a unique take.

4. Play with colours

EasyHome by The Makeover Guys
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View this project by EasyHome by The Makeover Guys

Some uncommon mishmash that seems to defy conventional colour logic but still look together. Try quirky colour combos burgundy and teal, black and pink, yellow and maroon, as well as mint green and peach.

5. Don’t ignore soft furnishings

Ayden Town House, Sepang by PINS Studio
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View this project by PINS Studio

Most Pinterest-worthy homes appear to have one thing in common: impeccably layered soft furnishings. It’s close to impossible for a home to feel bare or uninviting when it is decked out in warm fabrics that dress the space and add texture, intimacy, and visual completeness.

When choosing soft furnishings, start by considering a cohesive colour palette, but know that you don’t have to go all neutral. Instead, try to incorporate different varieties of just one or two main colours. For instance, opt for a navy blue area rug, sky blue curtains, azure tablecloths, baby blue throw pillows, and turquoise runners. Also, don’t be afraid to mix fabric textures and patterns for more affecting décor overall.

6. Add conversation-starters

Key decor elements for non-cookie cutter home
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View this project by X Two Concept

Accent pieces are a perfect opportunity to inject uniqueness into the décor and when the pieces actually ‘say’ something, it can become a conversation starter.

Consider pieces that have a message like conceptual art, a throw pillow with philosophical text, a side table with an unusual sculpture as a base, or even an accent chair with ancient print. The rule to follow when choosing a quirky accent piece: make sure it speaks to you!

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