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It’s Energy-Smart to goSmart

January 26, 2017

Why Energy Management is Not Just a Fad

Even though you are seeing ‘green’ and ‘energy-saving’ implements just about everywhere, rest assured, it isn’t just a buzzword or fad trend.
It is in fact one of the ways to protect financial resources from wastage due to excess energy consumption costs.

Imagine paying less in electricity bills, conserving the environment, preserving equipment and fittings as well as enjoying complete convenience in your home or office.

Well, these are the expected results of installing smart automation, occupancy sensors and related tech.

Sensors are tasked with automatically switching lighting and cooling devices, ON and OFF, when it detects motion (or a lack of it). This way, power wastage and resultant costs can be significantly reduced.

Of course, this is not all it can do; automated sensors by goSmart can manage climate, adjust lighting levels, and set timeouts in addition to a host of other essential services.

Apart from sensor tech, intelligent automation will further reduce energy consumption and improve manageability of day-to-day ‘chores’.

It’s Energy-Smart to goSmart
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goSmart’s Energy-Saving Solutions

Control your air conditioners and lighting as well as other heavy energy consumption instruments with an all-in-one system that is highly-accurate and optimally-sensitive to movement.

What’s more, cooling (or heating) appliances and lighting fixtures can be managed whether installed individually or separately throughout the buildings. These tasks are also open for remote access, ensuring fuss-free controls from anywhere, at any time.

Beyond energy savings, automation systems conveniently manage home or office-related tasks such as control of shades and drapes, AV machines, as well as security functions.

Furthermore, being energy-smart, users can expect maximum savings through wired or wireless systems configured to meet professional or domestic needs as well as budgetary concerns.

Saving Energy at the Office

Automation for energy saving can be a financial boon for commercial and corporate users – this is because heavy expenses are incurred every day to keep a building running smoothly. From lighting to cooling and other hefty energy users in between, automated occupancy sensors can help to conserve excessive usage.

For instance, these sensors can control lighting in corridor areas, allowing for it to be switched on only when someone is approaching. It can remain on low-lights or be switched off to save more electricity when no one is around. Lighting sensors can also sense the level of luminance in an area and automatically switch on lights when it gets dark.

Furthermore, sensors can be automated to turn off lights, cooling, AV instruments and others in specific areas such as a meeting room when no one is about.

It’s Energy-Smart to goSmart
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Talking Money
Installing energy-saving devices with goSmart provides you with both economical and high-end solutions.

Their cost-effective model (GLS-OIR-C-CN) offers passive infrared sensor technology that is dependable and precise. It is resistant to false occupancy activations from rumbling vibrations sometimes produced by powerful air conditioners or foot traffic.

A higher-specked model (GLS-ODT-C-CN) offers advanced dual technology through passive infrared and ultrasonic sensors that include fine motion detection for larger areas (up to 2,000 sf).

Both options are equipped with ‘walkthrough’ modes that will typically switch ON when it detects movement and switch OFF if movement is temporary. It also comes with photocell ambient light and is sleek, fitted to perfectly blend in – ensuring low-visibility – through seamless integration and design.

Reflecting More Energy Savings

There is more to energy savings than occupancy sensors alone; goSmart also provides the option of installing Intelligent Switchable Glass that can turn clear or opaque in an instant.
The smart glass laminate preserves cooling as it deflects heat, limiting air conditioning usage needs.

Furthermore, it reduces the need for daytime lighting when positioned to allow natural light to enter a space. The switchable glass is controlled by sensors and can be automated to incorporate different settings throughout the day.

If your home or office needs variable partitions, the smart glass is capable of enclosing or opening up spaces when necessary. This way you can ‘switch’ from open to private space in a simple swipe.
goSmart’s switchable glass is powered by minimal electricity and saves more in the process.

Friend to the Environment, Friend to the User

While working with high-end tech, users will be surprised at how easy occupancy sensors are to manage. For one, your sensors (and other energy-saving tech) will be seamlessly integrated into goSmart’s control and monitoring system, leaving a single software platform in charge of it all.
Secondly, you can operate and change timeout settings, enable or disable walkthrough modes, adjust sensitivity levels in separate areas without complicated programing or even a laptop necessary.

It’s Energy-Smart to goSmart
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It’s Energy-Smart to goSmart
Save to Qanvast Board

Last but not least, the system is equipped to handle basic usage needs right up to advanced energy management requirements for large buildings.
Need a consultation? Just call Sean Lee at 6016-212 8118 or email to to schedule an appointment. The goSmart showroom is located at the Walnut Café in Bandar Puteri, Puchong.

Image Credit : goSmart

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