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Keep Your Home Safe and Secure With goSmart

June 23, 2017

We may think of our home as a safe haven, but our private space (and it's contents) are often at risk to the elements - especially to unwanted visitors. As intruders become ever more sophisticated (and smarter), installing a camera outside your door just isn't going to cut it!

Thankfully, home security has advanced with the times, with many smart devices providing convenience and remote surveillance. However, goSmart's home automation system brings the best of these safety features into one nifty app, offering seamless integration and connectivity to home security devices. Here, we take a look at 3 ways the goSmart suite can provide homeowners a 360-degree watch on their home, anytime and anywhere.

Remotely Control Your Home Security Devices

goSmart Security
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Source: Crestron

There are tons of home security devices on the market, but perhaps the biggest worry is juggling with all the various platforms or interfaces when using them. How many million separate apps will you need to download? Fret not - with the goSmart suite - just one.

goSmart Security
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Source: Archi Expo

Compiling all home safety gadgets into one, easy-to-use system, you can connect the goSmart home automation app with the smart lock on your door, the CCTV or your intruder alarm system. And voila! Homeowners can easily control each device's settings remotely via the app on their phone or through a touchscreen wall panel. So even you are at work or overseas and you forgot to lock the door - no sweat.

*Note that these refer to devices which are compatible with Crestron's goSmart suite.

Receive Alerts or Data Of Any Suspicious Activity

goSmart Security
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Source: Google Play

Besides it's remote control feature, the goSmart home automation system also syncs whatever data received by connected security devices at home straight to your phone.

Have an unwanted visitor attempting to break into your home? You’ll immediately receive an alert as the alarm goes off. Want to check on your kids while you’re at work? Access your home camera with the tap of a button and you’ll know that they are safe and sound.

Add-Ons For Greater Security

goSmart Security
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Interior Designer: SQFT Space Design Management

Bringing safety to your space doesn't necessarily stop at having security devices. Consider making some ambient changes in your home to make it less prone to intrusions - and goSmart can help.

goSmart Security
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Interior Designer: EA Alam Reka

An all-in-one home automation manager, the goSmart suite can also help you control your lights, sounds and ventilation. Plus, it also comes with a wide range of add-on accessories that you can mix and match for a more convenient, customised experience.

goSmart Security
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Interior Designer: Sky Creation

For instance, goSmart can be connected to compatible smart lights, speakers, curtains, appliances and even air-conditioning. Deter potential burglars or housebreakers from entering your home by creating the impression that you are at home. You can remotely turn on your lights, pull back the curtains, play some music or turn on the TV to mislead malicious visitors.

Want to learn more about automating your security with goSmart?

Feel free to contact appointed goSmart Distributor Sean Lee at 6016-212 8118 or email to to schedule an appointment. The goSmart showroom is located at the Walnut Café in Bandar Puteri, Puchong.

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