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Less Is More: 7 Tips for a More Functional & Cosy Home

May 21, 2019

For the uninitiated, the KonMari organising method prioritises keeping belongings that “spark joy” while the items that don’t are thanked before being let go. This minimalist way of life encourages people to cherish the things that are held on to.

While KonMari focuses mostly on reducing the amount of personal effects, the method is an extension of the minimalist trend (which emphasises keeping only the most necessary elements to you). Here, we teach you how use these practices to build a functional home!

how to create a minimalist home

Interior Firm: PINS Studio

1. Choose a neutral base

Most minimalist homes have a straightforward approach when it comes to colour – white (or some variation of it) is commonly used. While the idea here is not to put too much stress your eyes, there are additional perks: Not only do neutrals make your space feel open and
airy, it’s the perfect canvas to build around.

how to create a minimalist home

Interior Firm: Pocket Square

2. Curate your furniture and declutter your surfaces

Look around your home: How many couches, poufs, ottomans, cushions or accessories (yes, including your magazines and coffee table books) do you see?

how to create a minimalist home

Interior Firm: Dot Works

If you want to embrace the style, you should reshuffle your items into three categories: the essentials, pieces that still “spark joy” and the ones that you have no more use for. The first is to be used (each should have their own place), the second stored away and the third discarded.

3. Go for quality multifunctional pieces

Since every little detail counts in a minimalist home, it could be time to look into changing your furniture.

Outfit your home with efficient pieces from Mumu Living. Inspired by furniture designs from all around the world, the brand carries a myriad of versatile fittings in all styles, all built with high quality wood.

how to create a minimalist home

Source: Mumu Living, Hiro Storage Sofabed | RM2,209

4. Include storage solutions

Remember the “non-essentials” that you can’t bear to part with? As you declutter your spaces, it’s highly likely that you will end up needing storage to keep the chaos contained.

how to create a minimalist home

Source: Mumu Living, Rove Coffee Table with Storage | RM1,219

Here’s a tip: Tuck your cabinetry into your corners to save more space!

how to create a minimalist home

Source: Mumu Living, Enzo Corner Space Saving Cabinet | RM980

Consider installing concealed built-ins too – sleeker than standalones, these options are less obtrusive and won’t disrupt the overall “flow” of your home.

how to create a minimalist home

5. Embrace clean lines

It’s been proven that uniformity in a space makes you calm, and minimalism is about creating symmetry as best as possible. Think streamlined or round-edged accessories with a neutral palette as the backdrop.

how to create a minimalist home

Interior Firm: Matt Design

6. Keep your decor simple

Though minimalism is all about paring down, you can still keep simple decorations around. Nothing too ostentatious though – an artwork or two framed in a muted shade ought to bring a bit of life back into your spaces.

how to create a minimalist home

Interior Firm: Anwill Design Sdn Bhd

Besides mounting the decor, store them in modular shelves that can be customised to suit your needs!

how to create a minimalist home

Source: Mumu Living, Benson Combination Wall Shelf | RM786

Go with a high-low pattern for a more unorthodox approach…

how to create a minimalist home

Source: Mumu Living, Bruno Wall Shelf | RM570

Or keep things sleek and simple by building them outwards.

7. In with the new, out with the old

Items accumulate over time. You may have an edited space now but further down the road, knick-knacks may worm its way back. That’s why, for every piece that comes into your home, something that you possess should be discarded in its stead. Think of it as a trade almost.

how to create a minimalist home

There’s no time like the present to put your KonMari and decluttering skills to the test. Shop now and get 10% off your furniture purchase at Mumu Living. Just key in ‘MUMUQV10’ before you check out! Affordable with trendy designs and furnishings made from high quality wood, what’s not to love?

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