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Here's How You Can Create a Low-Maintenance Home

October 17, 2018

It’s tough work to upkeep a household and let’s not forget about the potentially heavy costs too!

But here’s good news – by getting yourself a low-maintenance home, you can certainly lighten your load at home and save money.

A low-maintenance home is formed with durable materials that will last long and not cost a bomb to upkeep. It should also remain aesthetically pleasing for a length of time, without much, if any effort expended for its maintenance. Is this even possible? YES! And here’s how:

Tips to a low-maintenance home

Interior Firm: Y&L Concept Studio

1. Consider tile flooring

One of the most low-maintenance flooring options to consider is tile. It’s easy to clean, cool underfoot and can go with most décor styles. Ceramic tiles are arguably the most popular flooring tile option in Malaysia and for good reason. Ceramics are cost-friendly, sturdy and easily available. If you can spend a little more though, then do consider porcelain tiles. It is hardier and comes in a variety of finishing, colours, and designs for you to choose from.

Tips to a low-maintenance home

Interior Firm: Pocket Square

2. Go with neutral hues

Pale tones and neutrals are almost a must for low-maintenance décor. This is because lighter colours instantly ‘clean’ up the appearance of any room and doesn’t make dust as obvious. Moreover, it works with and reflects natural light in a way that refreshes the home almost effortlessly. Opt for light neutrals or pales of any shade for your curtains, carpets, walls, floors, and furniture for a naturally pristine look.

Tips to a low-maintenance home

Interior Firm: Moonlit Inspiration

3. Seek out washable materials

Remember that stained pieces of fabric visually age the home. This is why it is a must to opt for materials that are easily washable and that will not wear when cleaned. Keep this in mind when shopping for furniture with fabric, drapes or other décor accessories that are in constant human contact. In fact, ‘washability’ should be a décor rule not to be broken especially if you have young children or pets at home!

Tips to a low-maintenance home

Interior Firm: IQI Concept

4. Avoid fancy niches or detailing

Gaps, holes and crevices are a hotbed for dirt growth – and are also a pain to scrub clean. If you are the type that doesn’t want to deal much with housekeeping on the regular, go for closed cabinets that will keep floating dust particles from settling on to the surface. Also, opt for simply-built cabinetry free from unnecessary details. Less is definitely more in this aspect!

Tips to a low-maintenance home

Interior Firm: Landmarc

5. Above all, prioritise durability

Low-maintenance means fewer replacements, less work and lower costs, among others. This is why it’s essential to place durability as a prime requirement when making décor decisions.

It’s also the reason why you should probably avoid fast-furniture as much as possible, especially items that are heavy-use like sofas and dining sets. These will break down on you in an instant and even aesthetically, can appear worn in a very short period of time.

Look for sturdy materials like Lucite for small furniture, ceramic kitchenware, hardy seagrass rugs, and performance fabrics (that are stain and odour-resistant).

You may also want to consider highly-sturdy quartz countertops, glass backsplashes over tiles for easy cleaning, and low-gloss laminates (for flooring, cabinetry, etc.) that don’t wear out as easily.

Tips to a low-maintenance home

Interior Firm: UP Creations

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