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Malaysia‘s Luxury Homes goSmart

December 2, 2016

goSmart Enhances the Way You Live by Creating Smart Spaces

You’ve seen it in movies and on TV where super smart homes are able to integrate every type of convenience one can imagine. Well, it’s not just for Hollywood anymore; could it be the right upgrade for your home?

Smart Technology for Everyday Tasks

Picture yourself on your way home from work – you switch on the water heater to ensure a hot shower is possible the minute you get home, then you turn on the lights, set the temperature to an optimum level and draw up the blinds to soak in that last bit of evening light.
You’ve also programed your garage gates to open when you arrive and for your security system to temporarily disconnect, so you can enter hassle-free.
Note that you have not lifted even a finger to prepare your home – except to tap on your smartphone or touch panel – remotely managing all these tasks. This is what a smart system like goSmart is all about.

Malaysia‘s Luxury Homes goSmart
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Dine with the sounds of soft music and ambient lighting, all easily adjustable with a just a tap on your smartphone or touch panel.

Origins of goSmart

With the sheer number of electronic appliances in use in one home at any given time, the push to integrate them all has been a godsend.

goSmart, a domestic smart system specialist, has taken up the mantle to provide highly-intelligent home automation and is quickly emerging the frontrunner in the field of smart technology.
The system works not only for residential properties but for commercial ones as well, customizing features for the workplace and hotels as well as for healthcare and education institutions.

What The goSmart System Can Do?

It can be a tedious chore to manually manage electronics and non-electronics alike, especially with mansion-esque homes.
In addition, seemingly typical situations such as the misplacement or damage to TV or air-conditioning remotes in the home can annoy to no end. goSmart acts as a universal control for all these devices and more.
With a smartphone or touch panel, you can control settings for temperature, lighting, music and other entertainment devices or even your shades and curtains.

The system also fortifies security in the home making it possible for travellers to control, from wherever they are in the world; the lighting, blinds and sounds in the home to mimic activity and confuse potential burglars into believing that someone is actually at home.

They system can also be programmed to immediately call the homeowner’s phone when someone rings the doorbell.

goSmart is equipped with powerful processors which contribute to exceptionally quick and responsive performance, unlike other systems which may lag on occasion.

Malaysia‘s Luxury Homes goSmart
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Manage and monitor your home at any time of the day, from wherever you are.

Malaysia‘s Luxury Homes goSmart
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Set the scene, dim the lights, draw the curtains, cool the air and channel surf without having to leave your seat.

Which Type of Home Would Suit the goSmart system?

Typically larger, more expansive properties will greatly benefit from automating their homes as the system would give owners better control for the entire property. Moreover, with easy monitoring, the goSmart system can even help save energy consumption.

Nevertheless, smaller luxury homes can take advantage of the system as well by simply focusing automation on a specific area such as a cinema room.

Malaysia‘s Luxury Homes goSmart
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When should you install the goSmart System?
The best time to incorporate the goSmart system is during the wiring phase, early on. Thus, if you are about to renovate your home or purchase a newly developed property, you’ll need to call in the goSmart experts to evaluate your installation needs in advance. This will help keep the process as smooth as possible.

On a side note, since the system is wired, know that it outperforms wireless programs in terms of reliability and stability. While goSmart is an expectedly expensive addition to your home, it is certainly a worthy upgrade for high-end properties.

Malaysia‘s Luxury Homes goSmart
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Want to see how it works in person or get a consultation before you renovate your place? Just call or email to to schedule an appointment.

The goSmart showroom is located at the Walnut Café in Bandar Puteri, Puchong, do contact Sean via phone (6016-212 8118) or email to get started.

For more information, please click here.

Image Credit: goSmart

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