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Practical Tips for Newly Weds When Buying Your First Home

August 5, 2016

Whether you are newly married or getting ready for your nuptials, one of the first things you’ll decide together is where to live... or more precisely, what kind of home to buy to start a life together. Your first home together will also be the best investment you’ll make as a couple so buying the right one is the first step to nuptial bliss.

But like everything else, when two people with different opinions come together, there will be some disagreement about certain things. Last thing you want to do is having a huge argument about your new home or worst, making costly mistakes that will follow you for pretty much of your married life.

Here are some tips to get you started on the right foot in making this important decision as a couple.

Practical Tips for Newly Weds When Buying Your First Home

Talk about finances first

Talking about money is awkward but in this situation, so necessary. You don’t want to get caught taking on a huge loan for a house that is way out of your budget. So before you make the decision on which house to buy, it is a good idea to sit down with each other and be perfectly honest about your financial affairs – what debts you have, how much you make, how much you can spare for downpayment and how much you can pay each month for the loan. Some couples may want to divide the repayment according to salaries or have an equal split. All these things are important issues to discuss and agree upon when planning on your first-home purchase.

Practical Tips for Newly Weds When Buying Your First Home

Know what you need... and what you want

Envision together what your new home should look like. How many rooms do you need? What about the community you’ll be living in? Landed or condo? How about the neighbourhood amenities? What about the interior of your new home – modern, industrial or minimalistic? Know that what you need may be completely different from what you want so be prepared to make some compromises. Narrowing these down will help you find the best properties.

Practical Tips for Newly Weds When Buying Your First Home

Think of the now... and the future

Right now, you’ll definitely want a home that fits your lifestyle and of course, your vision of the perfect home. But you should also think of the future – whether you will be having kids (how many) or if your older parents will be living with you. Discuss this with one another so that you can pinpoint exactly the perfect home style suitable for now or even five years later.

Practical Tips for Newly Weds When Buying Your First Home

Create a new home wish list

Go on – indulge yourself. Write down exactly what you want from your new home. Then, compare your list with one another and decide which ones should be a priority – a safe neighbourhood, condo facilities, easy to commute to work? With this list, house hunting will be easier and more focused. You also get to decide as a couple the compromises you are willing to make as well as must-have features.

Practical Tips for Newly Weds When Buying Your First Home

Decide on the look and feel

So you’ve found the right home in the right neighbourhood with the right facilities. Now all you need to do is make it look right inside as well. This is where most couples are at loggerheads with – the interior style that both can agree upon. You may want something with a Nordic feel but he may be thinking of a more futuristic style. Best thing to do in this situation is to look through ideas and inspirations together – there are plenty on our websites – and decide on a few styles that please both of you. Then, check out the professionals on the Qanvast website or app to see if any of their styles click with you or to get a quote for your renovation budget.

Image credit: Mega Fusion Design Studio, Lazern, X Two Concept, GI Design, Zyon Studio

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