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Protect Your Home with These 7 Home Security Tips

May 15, 2019

According to the Department of Statistics, property crimes are on the decline since 2017, yet residential break-ins are still happening as burglars often target vacant and unattended properties.

If you find yourself constantly worrying about home break-ins and burglaries while you are away, follow these tips to enhance its level of protection against burglars:

Taman Taynton View, Cheras by Torch Empire
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1. Register for ‘Kempen Rumah Selamat’

Consider registering for this special home security programme under the purview of the Royal Malaysia Police, if you are going away during festive seasons.

The program involves patrol services by police officers to your residence to prevent the incidence of break-ins and burglaries during major festive seasons like Hari Raya and Chinese New Year, where most residents are out visiting.

Ara Vista, Ara Damansara by Pocket Square
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2. Don’t make it easy for thieves

Burglaries are often planned in advance. This means that they may observe the homes and choose the most vulnerable ones (e.g. gates/doors visibly unlocked, no guard dog, etc.) to break into.

Thus, it’s important to avoid doing things that would make it easy for them. Here are some ways to make it harder for burglars to break in:

  • Make sure windows and doors are always locked. Consider reinforcing / dead bolting doors if detachable safety grilles aren’t installed. If your roof area is vulnerable, think about installing additional protection like metal grilles – but not zinc sheets, which could be a fire hazard.
Setia Residence, Perak by ZOGE
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  • Don’t leave unsecured ladders outside the home as it can help burglars climb into your home.

  • Leave the lights on when you aren’t home to make it appear as though there are people at home. Homes equipped with smart systems can be remotely controlled to switch on the TV or audio systems, draw curtains, etc. to mimic activity in the home.

  • Be careful what you post on social media. You may be inadvertently alerting burglars to the fact that your home is unattended if you post about going on vacation. You may also be showing them the means of access to your home if you post pictures of your property.

Cheras by Nu Infinity
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3. Practice safety drills with your kids

One of the most important aspects of home security is good habits, especially where children are concerned. Teach them these tips:

  • Never talk to or open the door for strangers
  • How to call the police in case of emergencies
  • If you have an alarm system, teach them how to use it
  • Keep doors and windows locked/closed at all times and keep the keys in a familiar, secure spot that your children will find easy-to-reach.

It is imperative that your children/elderly family members have quick and easy access to unlock doors, windows, and safety grilles, without supervision, in case of fires or other emergencies. In addition, do maintain your locking systems regularly so that they are in good condition (e.g. not rusted or jammed). Grilles that do not meet the safety standard can be a fire hazard.

Eason House by Code Red Studio
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4. Put up security signage

Add another layer of cost-friendly security by putting up security signage in your home. This notifies the burglar that your home is protected. You can put up signs like ‘BEWARE OF DOG or ‘THIS HOME IS PROTECTED BY 24-hr ALARM SYSTEMS’, etc. You can get custom signs online or readymade ones at local home or hardware stores.

KENCANA HIRES by Mil Design & Construction
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5. Install motion-sensor spotlights

If there are dark/vulnerable spots near your home, it’s a good idea to install motion sensor spotlights to keep potential burglars away. Darkened areas allow burglars to hide or be inconspicuous, but the immense brightness of spotlights can acts as a deterrent in some cases.

Setia Residence, Perak by ZOGE
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6. Familiarise yourself with your neighbours

Getting to know your neighbours can be beneficial on so many levels – and increased security is one of them. Your neighbours may be able to help prevent a burglary or call the police if they notice any suspicious activity around your home.

Also, if you trust your neighbour, do let them know if you are going away. Give them your contact details and ask them for help to keep an eye on your home and offer to return the favour when they are away. It’s a win-win!

Eco Park Eden by Nu Infinity
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7. Technology is your friend

Gated high-rise apartments with 24-hour guards and electronic access control systems are known to have a much lower burglary rate than other types of housing.

If you can, invest in a high-tech security suite for your home or even a simple system of alarms and CCTV. It is one of the most effective ways to secure the home (though, do keep in mind that nothing is 100% guaranteed). However, security systems can be rather expensive, so if this option is not applicable to you – do follow tips one through six diligently.

Setia Ecohill by SQFT Space Design Management
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