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Sparks Fly With These Romantic Bedroom Design Ideas

September 25, 2016

Your bedchamber is capable of so much more passion, if only you’ll let it! These sizzling ideas can transform your meek and mild bedroom into an inviting, romantic escape. See how to turn up the heat with these four sultry design hints:

1. Add Soft Lighting
Romantic incandescent lighting is the tried-and-tested way to cast an amorous glow in any boudoir. The effect is easily achieved with yellowy recessed lighting, wall sconces, lighted-base lamps (has a naturally low light) and even decorative lamps with deep-coloured shades.

The idea is to keep the level of luminescence in the bedroom lower than elsewhere in your home. But of course, since you probably wouldn’t want perpetually low lighting, get dimmer switches to easily adjust the brightness as needed. This will also reduce the lighting layers necessary for more illumination. In addition, take advantage of natural light, especially in the evenings as the radiance from a setting sun can add a dreamy, romantic hue!

Bonus Tip: If you are looking to inject a romantic fairy-tale feel to your bedroom – try clear-bulb twinkle lights. It can add just the right amount of magic when draped behind furniture or around wall beams.

Sparks Fly With These Romantic Bedroom Design Ideas
Sparks Fly With These Romantic Bedroom Design Ideas

2. Accent Total Comfort
Plush and cosy settings are sexy by any standard. The biggest comfort draw is the bed of course, so do make sure to use the softest and snuggest materials. Think Egyptian cotton bedding, goose feather pillows and cosy comforters.

Remember to keep the colour scheme soft as well; creams, tans and, even warm whites are quite inviting but if you don’t want to play safe try darker, smoky hues with greys, chocolates, and dusky blues.

If you have the space, do play up another area in your bedroom with a comfy feature, such as a dense rug; look for sheepskin, chenille or silk materials that are soft and luxurious to touch. Add a few large throw pillows to the mix and you’ll have a romance-inducing lounge spot.

Sparks Fly With These Romantic Bedroom Design Ideas
Sparks Fly With These Romantic Bedroom Design Ideas

3. Move Out Work-related Furniture
There’s nothing less sexy than a bedroom with a bulky desktop, work files and dangly wires; these do not typically have a place in a romantic setting. Instead, add candles, flowers, decorative mirrors and perhaps even art pieces like a calming canvas print or small sculpture.

However, for the sake of practicality, consider placing a snuggle-chair or armchair that can double as a sitting space while you work on your laptop. Not only will it fit better with the rest of the bedroom furniture, it’s an added space to cosy up together.

Sparks Fly With These Romantic Bedroom Design Ideas

4. Clean Up
A cluttered, messy room will likely not invite loving feelings, so it’s best to tidy up. But it isn’t merely about sweeping and mopping – go ahead and ship out excess ornaments, soft toys and other stuff that does not belong. Smaller bedrooms can get claustrophobic and cramped with too many little things.

But even if you have the space, hulking workout equipment in the middle of your bedroom can become an eyesore. You may also find that your large elliptical machine doesn’t quite go with the bedroom décor. Do consider rolling it away under the bed or moving it into another room if possible.

To make your bedroom appear cleaner, airy and less confined; try using lighter drapes or sheers, give your walls a warmer finish and, keep carpeting neutral with tiny prints, to let natural or artificial light expand the area.

Sparks Fly With These Romantic Bedroom Design Ideas
Sparks Fly With These Romantic Bedroom Design Ideas

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Image Credit: Latitude Design, La Conception Hauz, Plan Interior International

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