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Stale Air No More: 4 Ways to Ventilate Your Stuffy Home

July 18, 2018

We may have gotten used to the idea of living in smaller homes – but did you know that things can get really unhealthy if your cosy living spaces aren’t properly ventilated?

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Interior Designer: Nu Infinity

Apart from having a higher concentration of Volatile Organic Compounds (or VOCs) and allergens, stale air can also worsen respiratory ailments as well as skin diseases like eczema because of unwanted dust floating around.

Fortunately, if the results of this survey are any indication, proper ventilation is among the top three attributes that we want for their homes – and that makes perfect sense, since open, airy spaces are not only cooler, but also have a more comfortable vibe.

So, here’s what you can do to improve the ventilation of your home and spruce it up at the same time!

1. Install ceiling fans

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Interior Designer: Nu Infinity

The fastest way to get a breeze going indoors is to simply install a couple of ceiling fans in key communal areas, such as the living room and dining area. While standing fans are equally capable of getting the job done, they tend to chew up precious square footage in already-tiny homes.

There’s no need to worry about looks either. Modern ceiling fans have blades that come in a variety of stylish finishes, from teak to glass, or even brass, thus allowing these appliances to blend into any home with ease.

2. Bring in some greenery

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Interior Designer: Code Red Studio

While they may not work quite in the same way (or as quickly) as ceiling fans, indoor plants do help to improve the quality of air in a home. Through photosynthesis, plants release oxygen into their surroundings, plus they are said to be capable of purifying toxins in the air coming from paint, glue, and other artificial substances.

So, the next time you’re redecorating the place, consider throwing in a pot of spider plants, snake plants, bamboo palm, or just about any type of natural greenery.

3. Keep your windows open

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Interior Designer: Cubebee Design Sdn Bhd

This tip may be a no-brainer, but it’s a whole different story for the science behind it. Long story short, keeping your windows open encourages cross-ventilation to take place, which allows hot air indoors to be displaced by colder air entering from the outside. This in turn encourages a constant flow of air, thus keeping your room smelling fresh.

Another thing to keep in mind about this tip: Keep windows that sit at opposite sides of your home open (e.g. between the living room and kitchen) to ensure every space is thoroughly aired out.

4. Opt for less bulky furnishings

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Interior Designer: GI Design Sdn Bhd

Aside from improving the overall look of your home, here’s another reason to choose slim furnishings over bulkier ones: Large and tall pieces, like bookcases or a chest of drawers, may create an obstruction to air flow, especially if they aren’t placed in the right spots.

The solution? Either get lightweight pieces like wire racks and open shelving; or consider changing the furniture layout in your home.

If you have chosen the latter, start by setting large items against the walls and/or simply moving them out of the way of open windows to encourage cross-ventilation.

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