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This Design Trend Makes Any Home Look High-End (For Less)

July 6, 2018

What is High/Low Design?

High/Low is a design philosophy that encourages the mixing and matching of high-end pieces alongside lower priced items. When done well, what results is décor that is affordable, stylish, versatile, and always in fashion!

The whole basis of this is on practicality. Instead of choosing expensive pieces because of prestige or aesthetics, High/Low emphasises on limiting splurges and going for carefully selected, quality pieces.

But of course, there more to nailing the High/Low look than simply combining what's affordable and expensive! To help you out, here are four ways to decorate your home with this 'contradicting' interior trend:

1. Spend more on heavy-use, long-term pieces

High Low Interior Design Trend

Interior Designer: IQI Concept Interior Design & Renovation

Make it your penny's worth. If you need (and can afford) to spend a little more for quality, durability and generally sturdier construction, go for it!

Heavy-use furniture, kitchen and living room flooring, even your wall paints should be resilient enough to withstand daily use. Thus, opt for stronger materials, high-grade finishing and customising where possible. Likewise, invest in home pieces that come with extended warranties for that extra peace of mind.

2. Take a closer look at second-hand pieces

High Low Interior Design Trend

Interior Designer: Movent Signature Design

Be it vintage, second-hand or upcycled, these are all welcome words when it comes to High/Low design! Consider looking at pre-loved furniture items that add a hint of storied charm to your space at a lower price point. In fact, dig hard enough, and you might just find some solid designer gems in the rubble, often for less!

Some places to start looking? Check out stores like Renewmart and Chai and Chai Trading that are offering well maintained pieces at as low as RM200!

3. Spend less on non-statement pieces

High Low Interior Design Trend

Interior Designer: SQFT Space Design Management

If they aren't regularly used or help to create a standout in your space, skimp on the pricey stuff.

For instance, do consider spending on statement pieces like a work of art to add character and anchor your home's decor. Then, pair it with low-cost accessories like small sculptures or cheaper lighting fixtures to highlight or accent your art piece.

High Low Interior Design Trend

Interior Designer: X Two Concept

The same goes for other minor decorative finishes. Opt for inexpensive, department store table runners, couch pillows or coverlets that match your, say, high-end carpet. These economical pieces help your design statement to further stand out - without eating into your budget.

4. Avoid items that 'look' cheap

High Low Interior Design Trend

Interior Designer: RK Interior Studio

We're all for affordable buys, but not the kind that you'll find in your neighbourhood hardware or furniture store. We're looking at you, transparent PVC tablecloths and red, plastic chairs.

So, don't 'spoil' your decor with these cheap-looking accents. Upgrade your look with affordable (but stylish) buys! Besides the usual suspects like IKEA and Taobao, there are a ton of stores (online and offline) that offer stylish furniture and decor items on the low.

Check out our favourite affordable furniture shops, here.

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