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This Super-Stylish Material is Perfect for Small Homes

September 26, 2018

Small homes do not need to be deprived of big style! One way to infuse a dose of refined, chic flair to a small home is by dressing it up with metallic elements. Plenty of tiny, trendy homes sport the metal look – and with good reason!

Not only are metal pieces a practical choice; it’s incredibly sturdy, easy to clean and unlikely to be destroyed by pets or contract dust mites. And, it simply does not take up as much space. Here are more reasons why you should seriously consider metal as a go-to material if you have a modest-sized home:

1. It’s slim and sleek

Petite homes do well with furniture and accessories that aren’t overly bulky or imposing - and this is where metal shines (pun intended)!

Metallic Features Interior Design Malaysia

Interior Designer: Kerinthing Design Unit

You'll notice that many furniture and accessories made of metal are often crafted in sleeker, slimmer styles which take up less physical and visual space.

Metallic Features Interior Design Malaysia

Interior Designer: Hoe and Yin Design Studio

2. It helps to reflect light

As you may know, good (and ample) lighting is a small home’s best friend. Thankfully, polished metallic elements are light enhancers, helping to reflect natural light in to a home, visually expanding smaller spaces.

Metallic Features Interior Design Malaysia

Interior Designer: GI Design Sdn Bhd

Incorporating lighter, reflective metal materials with furniture or fittings, especially in areas exposed to natural (or artificial) light, can work wonders to exaggerate the appearance of space. You can double the effect of metal reflectiveness for more space by joining forces with other reflective pieces.

Metallic Features Interior Design Malaysia

Interior Designer: Amorphous Design

For example, opt for mirrors with shiny metal borders, use metal handles on glass cabinets in small kitchens or living rooms, and consider polished metal lighting fixtures.

3. It works well with neutrals

Smaller homes tend to appear larger when a lighter neutral, especially an all-white décor scheme is present. And just guess which material works like a charm with white and other light neutrals?

Metallic Features Interior Design Malaysia

Interior Designer: Paperwork Design Studio

Yes, it’s metal! This material boosts the light and space extending power of a white (or light neutral) décor scheme by visually opening up the space. Moreover, shiny metal provides visual continuity when combined with light neutral tones.

Metallic Features Interior Design Malaysia

Interior Designer: The Arch

This means that there are fewer obstructions to the eye, as well as contrasts to limit the appearance of ‘clean’ space. Thus, a less-is-more, airy quality can come across, which is almost necessary with smaller spaces.

4. Fits with space-enhancing decor styles

Metallic Features Interior Design Malaysia

Interior Designer: The Crafters

Although almost all décor styles can be applied to almost any home (with a little creativity) regardless of its size, some do work better than others. For instance, smaller homes often benefit from cleaner décor styles with more structure, as well as a generally less fussy or ornamented appearance.

Metallic Features Interior Design Malaysia

Interior Designer: SQFT Space Design Management

Minimalist and Scandinavian décor themes are two of the best styles for small homes and both are highly compatible with metallic surfaces. While polished metal has a refined, modern appeal, there are rugged alternatives like brushed or rusted metal that are used in rawer décor styles such as industrial and rustic fusion interiors as well.

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