Balcony Interior Design

Most balconies are often left drab and absent of life, and unjustly so. Think of it as your own private space in the sky; your little reflection zone; or just your own little space to take in that knockout view few can boast of having.

Here’s what you can do to create that piece of oasis in the sky.

  • Get outdoor furniture that’s double-duty. Instead of loose chairs and tables, invest in a daybed that can seat multiple people, and also work as a functional storage space.
  • Likewise, consider built-in seating and tables flushed to the walls, rather than loose furnishings which will inevitably take up more space.
  • A balcony is often used as a mini garden to place your potted plants. But if you’re short on space, get vertical planter hangers or wall hooks to stow your gardening accessories.

If you are blessed with a larger-than-average balcony, lucky you! You might want to think about incorporating alfresco dining or a reading nook in your expansive balcony.

Balconies deserve more than just laundry drying. Go on, design it.