Commercial Interior Design

It’s not just homes that need sprucing. The right interior design can successfully convey a brand or business’ philosophy and aesthetic. At the same time, a well-designed commercial space can act as a functional showcase to feature products and services - or simply double as a spot where customers and workers alike can feel comfortable in.

Beyond what looks on the surface, there are many areas that also need to be determined in shaping a commercial space. Unlike residential properties which are more focused towards an individual’s needs and comforts, a commercial project needs to answer the following objectives:

  • Does the chosen interior theme reflect the business or company’s visual profile or culture?
  • Or, is there a particular business objective to be achieved? What emotions or behaviours would the project like to elicit - based on its design? For instance, if the objective is to come off as youthful and fun, bright pops of colour might work.
  • What features or unique selling points would you like to incorporate into your commercial interiors? And, how would you like to showcase them?
  • For workplaces, ergonomics and safety is highly important. What are some fixtures and designs that could improve productivity in an office? (E.g. Communal tables for easy discussion/cross collaboration of ideas.)
  • Is the proposed design able to be completed by a certain timeline? Especially when working with a rented space, landlords and building management may set a time when the place can be occupied and there start renovation works on. Weigh whether is it worth to drag a renovation for longer, at the expense of mounting rental fees.