Condo Interior Design

Similar, but different; unlike apartments, condominiums often feature exclusive communal facilities or services (e.g. 24-hour security, gyms, tennis courts, swimming pools or steam rooms) in a wider variety of residential offerings. Some condominiums offer a combination of the usual apartment-style units, alongside studios, penthouses, townhouses or SOHOs. Usually, condominiums will also come with basic fixtures, such as a kitchen hob/oven, built-in dryers/washing machines and bathroom fittings.

Here’s what you need to know before you start your renovation:

  1. Different condos have different renovation guidelines: Depending on the developer, each condominium has a different set of rules and workable areas where you can renovate on. Always check with your building management team before starting works. In most cases, a deposit is required by the management before the renovation starts.
  2. New condos in general cost less to renovate: Why so? Remember that most condos already come fitted with the basic kitchen and bathroom fixtures, sometimes flooring. That already cuts back a chunk of what you’ll need to work on.
  3. Resale condos however cost more to renovate: Nevermind the fact that resale units cost more - for condos, additional works are required to conceal cables for that sleek look, unlike apartments where you can have exposed cables or pipes.