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10 Practical Tips to an Organised (and a Bigger) Wardrobe!

October 30, 2019

From choosing the right lighting to deciding the perfect mix of storage components, designing a wardrobe is no easy task. Without proper planning, you could be wasting precious usable space and time when planning for your daily outfit. Check out our useful design tips on how to craft a wardrobe that's not only stylish but also practical.

1. Planning your needs

Assessing what type of clothes you own will help you to determine the overall design of your wardrobe. This is a critical piece of the customised wardrobe puzzle that should not be taken for granted. Once you have totalled up your clothes, decide and discuss with your designer how much space you’ll need for hanging long gowns and dresses or for shelving pants, T-shirts and sweaters.

Windows On The Park, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn by Movent
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2. Don’t waste an inch

When designing a wardrobe, request from your designer to take full advantage of every space and area from floor to ceiling so you’ll have optimal storage space. Hard-to-reach areas can be a functional space for storing seasonal clothes or shoes that you don't need to access all the time. From drawers to open shelving to glass cabinets, there are endless options that will add style and functionality to your closet storage solutions for the long haul.

Setia Eco Glades Cyberjaya by Pocket Square
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3. Adding practical details

Before you go ahead and plan your wardrobe, talk to your designer to add minor details that will make your life more practical. For instance, consider incorporating a pull-out mirror that slides out from your wardrobe - a great tip that works in small spaces!

Setia Eco Park, Setia Alam by Nice Style Refurbishment
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4. The ‘floating’ design

If you’re cramped for space, the trick to make your room look spacious is by installing ‘floating’ drawers and shelves. This open concept wardrobe may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but having your clothes displayed out in the open will motivate you to stay organized and will make planning your daily outfit or finding the perfect shoes so much easier!

63 Residence, Sungai Pelek by Lequen Construction And Renovation Group
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Pro-tip: The secret to making your bedroom wall look great with floating shelves and drawers is colour coordination, and keeping your items organized.

Warisan Puteri, Sepang by PINS Studio
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5. Install an island

Islands are the dreamy addition to any walk-in wardrobe. Adding an island on your wardrobe not only offer gives you extra storage, but it is also it’s also a great motivation for you to fold and put away your clothes. When taking into consideration a wardrobe island, see to it if have ample space around the island on all sides to walk around freely.

Petaling Jaya by UP Creations
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6. Add mirrors to your wardrobe

You can never have too many mirrors in your wardrobe! If you are working with limited space, consider customising your wardrobe with mirror doors. Mirror can reflect light and make your room look brighter, plus creating the illusion of a larger area to your room.

Desa Park City by Turn Design Interior
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7. Don't forget space for your accessories

Prevent your jewellery from getting tangled by building custom organization unit in your drawers. You can also consider installing hooks inside your wardrobe door to store purses, belts and other accessories. This will help you to maximize your space without looking cluttered.

Bandar Puteri, Puchong by Brickhaus Solutions Sdn. Bhd.
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8. Get smart with your shoes

If you’re planning to add a shoe rack in your wardrobe, make sure shelves and cubbies are big enough to comfortably store your shoe collection. Discuss with your designer what pair of shoes you own; high heels, long boots, ankle boots, sneakers, etc., so that they can adjust the shoe rack height accordingly.

Ridgeview, Tropicana Heights by X Dimension Design
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9. Add a little glam to your wardrobe

If you want your wardrobe to resemble a dressing room, consider adding a bench or an ottoman. A comfortable place to sit while you get ready instantly makes a closet area feel more luxe, plus you won’t have to teeter on one foot to take off your shoes or wear your shoes!

Domus Residence, Selangor by Mil Design & Construction
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10. Consider the lighting

Lighting is very important as it helps you to plan your daily outfit more efficiently. If you are planning to build a walk-in wardrobe, make sure you talk your designer to install adequate overhead lighting. If you have smaller spaces, clip-on lamps and LED lights for shelves can be lifesavers. And if budget permits, consider investing in a decorative light fixture or chandelier to glam up the room!

Lumina Kiara, Mont Kiara by Klaasmen Sdn. Bhd.
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