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5 Design Essentials for the Perfect Modern Bathroom

March 6, 2019

Modern décor is typically unfussy, earthy, painted in neutrals, and is incredibly sleek with details. Its crisp, clean appearance seems to go hand-in-hand with smaller bathrooms – the bane of most Malaysian homes!

So let’s take a look at the five essential design elements for decorating the ultimate modern bathroom!

1. Material Mix

The base materials in your bathroom are often responsible for its overall look. In Malaysia, modern bathrooms are typically designed with either marble for bigger budgets or ceramic for smaller ones. Consider mixing these materials to give your bathroom an upscale look. Opt for water-resistant finished wood for your vanity and cabinetry; and concrete for floors and walls or even a trough-style sink.

Modern Bathrooms Ideas

Interior Firm: Code Red Studio

2. Natural Lighting

Why not unwind in a bright, open bathroom? Consider lighter neutrals e.g. white, cream or light grey and choose warm daylights (instead of the traditional harsh white lights) to lift your mood.

Modern Bathrooms Ideas

Interior Firm: A&A Concept Design

3. Sleek Bath Fixtures

Although it may seem like a minute detail in the grand scheme of your bathroom design, picking the right fixtures does actually make a difference. Go for matte black or brushed nickel - it has a premium appearance that goes well with modern colour schemes without looking overly glossy.

Modern Bathrooms Ideas

Interior Firm: The Interior Place

4. Elongated Lighting Sconces

Nothing says classy-modern like clean, rectilinear sconces preferably in brazen white shades. Sconces like these play into the warm, delicate appearance of a modern bathroom and provides soft lighting.

Modern Bathrooms Ideas

Interior Firm: Surface R

5. Floating Elements

Since space is almost always a concern in Malaysian bathrooms, designing with modern floating sinks, shelves, and vanities is the space-saving way to go. Opting for these modern bathroom picks, without wide or opaque bases will be visually space-enhancing.

Modern Bathrooms Ideas

Interior Firm: Dot Works

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