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5 Practical Design Ideas For Your 3-Bedroom Home

April 16, 2020

Renovating and furnishing an empty home is not an easy task, to begin with. To create a wholly functional and welcoming home in such a restricted space arrangement is a difficult challenge that requires a bold and brave way of thinking outside the box.

We asked IQI Concept to recommend feasible design solutions to fully utilise every inch of your home's space using this three-bedroom 951 sq ft apartment in Balakong as an example. These practical ideas may just be the renovation hacks you need to turn your home into a super functional and liveable space!

1. Extend the kitchen area

One of the first things that come to mind when confronted with limited kitchen space is to knock down the existing kitchen walls to create an open kitchen plan. However, this might not work for every layout like this modern apartment where the kitchen area is sandwiched between two bedrooms.

As a solution, IQI Concept installed a kitchen extension as part of the dining area. The unique and stylish solution not only makes use of the available dead space, but the custom cabinetry can become a suitable location to place small kitchen appliances like a coffee machine.

Practical design ideas IQI Concept
Practical design ideas IQI Concept

2. Bronze mirror double the space

The clever use of materials ensures that this 951 sq ft apartment feels spacious despite its size. To create visual spaciousness, IQI Concept chose to install a bronze mirror to fill the kitchen extension wall instead of coloured glass backsplash. The bronze mirror not only draws attention, but it also makes the room feel larger and allow for natural light to reflect and brighten up the space.

Practical design ideas IQI Concept

3. Think outside the box

For easier access to the washing sink, IQI Concept installed a vanity, just outside the bathroom area. It instantly creates a hotel vibe to the home plus, it frees up more space in the small bathroom. There's also plenty of room to store towels, napkins and linen with this strategic configuration.

Practical design ideas IQI Concept
Practical design ideas IQI Concept

4. Turn a spare room into a dual-purpose study & walk-in wardrobe

To keep the bedrooms free from work-related activities which in turn, promotes better rest at night, IQI Concept has transformed the spare bedroom available in this three-bedroom apartment into a dual-purpose work office and walk-in wardrobe. As a space-saving measure, IQI Concept cleverly incorporates a working desk together with the built-in wardrobe. It also features compartments that allow the homeowner to neatly organise their work documents.

Practical design ideas IQI Concept
Practical design ideas IQI Concept

5. Different feature lights highlight different areas of the home

Feature lighting is very important in setting a mood for your home. On top of that, it can also visually separate an area especially if you have limited square footage. For instance, a pendant light above the dining table in this apartment separates the dinner corner from the rest of the area. It also gives visual dynamics and certain aerial elegance to the composition.

Practical design ideas IQI Concept
Practical design ideas IQI Concept

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