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5 Tips to Create a Modern Commercial Office Space

November 28, 2019

There’s no doubt that the traditional design of office space has long evolved from rigidly lined cubicles, drab colours and unforgiving lighting to bright vibrant space that reflects the company’s identity and mission.

workspace tips

So, going to work today no longer means you are entering a bleak, poorly-lit design space for eight hours each day. Companies are now investing in creating inspiring office space that will eventually result in better work productivity.

We turn to an award-winning interior design company, IQI Concept - who had recently won the DOTY 2019 Best Interior Design for Commercial Project - for some tips on designing a commercial office space that will have a positive impact on the way people work and boost productivity.

1. Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors in staying focused and to inspire creativity. Bad lighting can cause fatigue, eyestrain, headaches and overall irritability. When choosing lighting for your office, IQI Concept Head of Designer, Wei Ling suggests that “It’s best to get more natural lighting as possible as it makes the space appear bigger and brighter.”

workspace tips

Utilize sheer, breezy window treatment rather than heavy and opaque windows as it allows ample sunlight to enter the space. Reducing the need for artificial lighting can also help to lower energy costs in the long run.

2. Product placement

Ever heard the saying “First impressions are the most lasting.”? Well, that couldn’t ring more true when it comes to your company’s product placement.

workspace tips
workspace tips

If you have a product to display in your office, Wei Ling suggests to “plan your office space to make the most of it (product placement). Don’t overcomplicate the design and make sure your design can bring out your products with the correct layout.”

3. Open office concept

Whether we’re talking about a small company size of under ten employees or one that is a couple hundred and growing, being mindful of how to fully utilise the office space is the key to productivity.

workspace tips

Wei Ling suggests going with an open office layout as it encourages communication and collaboration between employees. “Open space layout will also make any office type and size appear bigger and you can make the most of the space you have without the typical partitions or cubicles.”

4. Paints/Colours

Colour can have a direct influence on both your mood and productivity. Plus, if you’re meeting clients, having an inviting space will make them feel more welcome and confident. Hence, choosing a suitable colour for your office space will not only improve work productivity but could potentially increase business as well.

workspace tips

“When choosing colours for your office space, play around with your firm’s colour palette. Use the colour as accents for soft furnishings or wall paints. Incorporating the company’s colour into an office space can give a little bit of attitude and showcase the company’s identity,” Wei Ling shares.

5. Feature wall

Decorating your working environment can have a really positive impact on the way people work. Working in a well-decorated space can inspire creativity, which in turns gives a boost to productivity.

workspace tips

“To create visual interest, add a wall feature in your office space. Place the company’s logo onto the feature wall to make the area appear more attractive, acting as a branding for your company,” Wei Ling notes.

You can also work with your designer to creatively add your company’s mission or vision up on the wall that can inspire employees and give visitors further insight into what powers your company.

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