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5 Uncommon Colours to Paint Your Room in 2018

January 26, 2018

Tired of the same old neutral shades, year in, year out? Go ahead and change up your living room walls with a fresh coat of paint in an unexpected hue!

White and other neutral hues in the room represent timeless, classy and an overall easy-to-match colour scheme, but it can also be creatively limiting. If you are looking to give your living room a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint, do check out these five invigorating shades for 2018:

1. Cerulean Blue

Interesting and uncommon colours for home

With a cool, watery shade like cerulean blue, expect to feel calming marine vibes come alive in your living room! This trending hue adds an unexpected splash of charm and energy that will fit well with Asian, eclectic, artsy, nautical, French and traditional decors.

Note that this colour is rather strong and so if you don’t want an overwhelming tide of blue, consider painting a half wall in cerulean blue and the remaining in white or light sky blue. Complement the décor with green, white and patterned accent pieces and furniture.

Interesting and uncommon colours for home
Interesting and uncommon colours for home

Interior designer: SQFT Space Management

2. Yellow

If kids are part of your household, yummy yellow is an incredible colour with which to paint your walls. Not only is it energising and warm, it adds a sunshiny element that radiates positivity!

You don’t have to go too bold with yellow. Even light, mellow shades like daffodil, sunburnt yellow, banana or blonde, can provide enough of a design impact while remaining gentle. Yellow walls pair well with blue, green and grey accents and furniture. Do remember to maintain a balanced level of intensity for a more harmonious look.

Interesting and uncommon colours for home

Interior designer: SQFT Space Management

3. Metallic Colours

Metallic colours when paired with a neutral or wood material instantly elevate the look at home. Add rich design details such as or wainscoting panels, or opt for more mellow metallic tones such as copper or brass.

Interesting and uncommon colours for home

Interior designer: SQFT Space Management

4. Black

Don't be quick to dismiss this colour! Black may be the last colour most of us approve, but we can't deny that the absence of colour (pun intended) subtlety conveys a sense of sophistication for urban living, and it's great for those who aren't too obsessed with cleaning.

Create a visual interest by going all monochrome, or jazz up the space with interesting decor and furniture like this home.

Interesting and uncommon colours for home

Interior designer: Movent Signature Design

5. Mint Green

A soothing shade that breathes new life into timeworn spaces. The colour pairs well with greys, greens and blues, thus; opting for larger furniture in these hues would pair well. For a twist, consider small splashes of yellow and orange that can be reflected with throw pillows, rugs and curtains. If you prefer a cosy look, this colour goes well with neutral tones, like this bedroom.

Interesting and uncommon colours for home

Interior designer: The Roof Studio

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