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It's Official - This Is The Most Popular Kitchen Style

December 12, 2017

What's that look? Call it country, rustic or a hint of classical, chances are you're probably describing a Shaker kitchen. From traditional farmhouses to modern Scandinavian abodes, the style has always stayed relevant to changing interior trends, thanks to its refined, clean aesthetic.

Still a hit with homes as it was hundreds of years ago, the Shaker kitchen might possibly be the most popular kitchen style of all time! So, what is it all about, and how can you get the Shaker look for your own cooking space? Read on to find out:

What is a 'Shaker Style' Kitchen?

Shaker Style Kitchen Design Malaysia


The term ‘Shaker Style’ generally refers to specific types of cabinet door and drawer designs inspired by the skilled carpentry work of the early American Christian sect known as the Shakers.

Shaker Style Kitchen Design Malaysia


Design-wise, the Shaker Style kitchen best known for its recessed panelled cabinets, thin rails for handles and small, unassuming knobs (often made of wood, nickel, copper or brass). These cabinets are also commonly built with hardwood such as pine, maple or birch. While the overall look resembles that of traditional décor, don’t expect stencilled designs or intricate carvings – just good ole’ fashioned, simple cabinets built to last.

Shaker Style Kitchen Design Malaysia


The colour scheme generally follows natural wood or neutral hues but flashier takes in yellow or green have popped up in artsy or hybrid décor in recent times.

Which Interior Style Best Suits Shaker-Style Kitchens?

Shaker Style Kitchen Design Malaysia

Interior Designer: Metrics Global Sdn Bhd

Thanks to its clean, crisp and rustic aesthetic, Shaker cabinets and drawers are able to mesh with most décor themes, though more so for modern, contemporary, traditional or Scandinavian interiors.

Shaker Style Kitchen Design Malaysia

Interior Designer: Anwill Design Sdn Bhd

For example, whitewashed wood works well with the neutral, natural look of Scandinavian styles, while cherry, maple or hickory wood makes for a lovely addition in country themes. Block colours of blue or red might stylishly accompany an eclectic kitchen and stone tops on dark grey are appealing with industrial decor.

Get the Look

Even though a shaker kitchen appears to be impeccably decorated, it is still an achievable look, just follow these tips to get started:

1. Use the cabinets as your kitchen anchor

Shaker Style Kitchen Design Malaysia

Interior Designer: Blanc Designs Sdn Bhd

Even though these pure white Shaker cabinets blend in seamlessly, it also remains the top draw in this kitchen! All other pieces, from the dining set to lighting and backsplash, work together to highlight the marvellous cabinetry on display.

Shaker cabinets are visually attractive and (gently) imposing enough to pull your entire kitchen together! Once you’ve decided on the colour and finishing of the cabinet, pick fittings and furnishings that complement your cabinets in a way that allows it to stand as the main attraction.

2. Less is more

Shaker Style Kitchen Design Malaysia

Interior Designer: Nice Style Refurbishment

Shaker kitchens are not typically known for its being colourful; in fact, it is nothing if not understated! When decorating a Shaker kitchen, opt for no more than three harmonising colours. Combos of neutrals or varying wood shades are good choices for these cabinets as well as the rest of the kitchen décor.

3. Don’t be afraid to integrate

Shaker Style Kitchen Design Malaysia

Interior Designer: KUDOX Design

An integrated double oven and refrigerator with panel doors give this Shaker kitchen the ultimate old-meets-new vibe.

Shaker kitchens provide the perfect opportunity to integrate appliances into the décor thanks to its roomy carpentry design. You can integrate almost any type of appliance or fittings and cloak it within cabinets – from refrigerators and ovens, dishwashers and coffee makers, even pull-out garbage bins.

The result is an attractively tidy kitchen with the capacity to hide unsightly “kitchen tech”, mismatched appliances and other eyesores – so all you’ll see is rustic, traditional charm!

4. Go natural

Shaker Style Kitchen Design Malaysia

Interior Designer: Klaas Design & Build

There’s no better reason to employ (and enjoy) natural materials and colours than with a Shaker style kitchen! Choose the likes of cream, beige, white or natural wood hues for a traditional Shaker look. You can even mix materials to balance out an overly woody appearance; light stone floors with lighter-toned cabinets can visually widen smaller kitchens.

On the other hand, using contrasting light and dark natural tones e.g. dusky parquet floors to base off bright-hued cabinets will send your Shaker kitchen in a modern direction.

5. Add your own twist

Shaker Style Kitchen Design Malaysia

Interior Designer: Stilts Design Sdn Bhd

This kitchen’s neutral-hued Shaker style is elevated by its unexpectedly handsome olive-coloured island base.

While this décor theme is stylish, in-trend and visually pleasing, it can lack personality and have a cookie-cutter quality if you follow typical decorative ‘rules’ to a tee. To cook up individual flavour in your Shaker kitchen, be sure to add a couple of pieces that appeal to your tastes.

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