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6 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas To Check Out

December 15, 2017

Whether your kitchen is rustic or modern, a kitchen backsplash adds character and makes the space look even dreamier. Go funky or refined – we have the ideas for you to check out for that ultimate feature backsplash. Tip? Get creative!


Unique Kitchen Backsplashes

Interior designer: SQFT Space Design Management

A popular material used for kitchen backsplashes, glass always leaves a sleek impression to your kitchen, making the space look clean and modern especially when paired with a mostly white theme. Try to go for a large section of glass instead of a smaller piece so that the wall – even when small – seems longer and larger. Take cue from this Mont Kiara home and shine some light on it for a brighter appeal.


Unique Kitchen Backsplashes

Interior designer: Anwill Design

There’s just something about subway tiles used as a backsplash that will instantly make your kitchen look stylish. Go for the unconventional glossy black with dark cabinetry for a chic and edgy space. Or stick to a safe white option with matching cabinets – always a winning timeless and classic style.

Unique Kitchen Backsplashes
Unique Kitchen Backsplashes

Interior designer: Yong Studio

Consider classic white tiles if you’re dealing with a smaller kitchen, especially if your cabinets are also white. This is not only a chic combination but helps to make a smaller space appear brighter and more spacious. Break up the monotony with industrial décor details.


Unique Kitchen Backsplashes
Unique Kitchen Backsplashes

Interior designer: Nevermore Design

Don’t forget that your kitchen backsplash is a personality piece so consider giving it a stylish treatment to spruce up the kitchen. Ideas? A sea-green tiled option to add some colour to your kitchen, making an immediate impact. Or patterned tiles for a rustic and artistic appeal to your kitchen.

Unique Kitchen Backsplashes

Interior designer: Anwill Design


Unique Kitchen Backsplashes
Unique Kitchen Backsplashes

Interior designer: Box Design Studio

Not a fan of tiles or want to try something new? How about a completely different texture like wood laminate? After all, wood-panelled walls are all the rage now – and it’s budget friendly too. Just make sure to use it in your dry kitchen – in the wet kitchen, a wood laminate has a higher change of peeling back.


Unique Kitchen Backsplashes

Interior designer: InD'finity Design

A marble backplash not only lightens up your skin but adds a luxurious texture that’s dynamic and standout. It’s especially eye-catching when paired with a marble countertop too.

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