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6 True-blue Millennial Décor Trends to Fall in Love With

May 1, 2019

Youthful, cool, and totally ‘lit’ décor may be a credit to the millennial generation but rest assured; it is totally inclusive.

Yes, millennial décor is characteristically unfussy, environmentally-friendly, and completely practical.

Glomac Damansara by Dot Works
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Want to take a page out of the millennial décor book? Then check out this list of décor trends and interior design elements you’re likely to find in most, if not every, millennial home:

1. Repurposed furniture

The Arte, Subang West by Gene Li Interior Art & Design
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Millennials take the environment very seriously. So it should come as no surprise that this generation proudly decorates with sustainable pieces – often reusing, recycling (or upcycling), and repurposing second-hand furniture. But apart from responsible décor, there is also a natural aesthetic that millennials tend to seek out. This is why aged, quality wooden pieces, with ‘character’ typically make an appearance in their homes.

2. Affordable art

Fen Yang Mansion, Butterworth by EMPT Studio
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While the act of displaying art pieces is not confined to millennials; it is a must-have décor element for this generation. The type of art you’ll find in millennial homes will be distinct, individual pieces, typically produced by local artists. Singular, unique handmade sculptures, crafts, and paintings that are affordable and meaningful trump mass-produced copies of art.

3. Smart storage

Summer Skye Residences, Bayan Lepas by IN.C Design
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Remember that millennials in Malaysia were born into smaller homes, unlike the generations that came before. And thus, almost naturally; these young people evolved to place incredible importance on clever storage in order to maximize space. For instance, niche storage, furniture that doubles as storage, as well as custom carpentry to make use of dead spaces for stowing is essential in millennial homes.

4. Minimalist hardware and fittings

Warisan Puteri, Sepang by PINS Studio
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While it might sound like a generalisation of an entire generation; it’s safe to say that millennials, on average, prefer minimalism in all forms. Thus, overly ornate and embellished fittings won’t typically jibe with the décor in a millennial home. Think brass (an obvious choice for its old-world charm), brushed nickel, which goes well with another millennial favourite; Shaker cabinets, and of course, dependable stainless steel.

You may also find customised hardware and fittings (e.g. matte black and gold) appeal to the individual and unique style preferences of millennial homeowners.

5. Vintage décor

Tanjong Tokong Abode by Archiplan Interior Design
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The everyday millennial appears to be drawn to all things old, well almost. For instance, an archaic attitude toward women is not cool, whereas old-fashioned fabric or wallpaper patterns are. You may also find old-school, character-driven focal décor pieces in millennial homes. Common pieces include vinyl record players and retro-looking appliances as well as elements tinged with local flavour such as tikar buluh (bamboo mats) and Peranakan-inspired tiles.

6. Bold and fresh colours

Kota Kemuning by A Moxie Associates Sdn Bhd
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View this project by A Moxie Associates Sdn Bhd

Themes for millennial homes are hardly in the fashion of 100% or scaled, run-of-the-mill neutrals. Instead, this generation often opts for fresh, bold colours that can disrupt boring décor staples or at the very least, breathe new life into them. Hues like peacock blue-green, navy blue, teal, and yellow are examples of incredible colour additions to millennial versions of minimalist décor.

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