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7 Spacious-Looking Condos We Can't Believe Are Less Than 1,000 Sqft!

October 27, 2022

Proof that bigger isn't always better

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It's no secret that spacious condominiums are hard to come by, especially if you live near the city centre, where rents are exorbitant.

small condominiums
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But just because you live in a small condominium doesn't mean you can't live large. All you need is the right layout, furnishings and organization tricks. To help you out, we've gathered seven of our favourite swoon-worthy condos under 1,000 sqft in size that each put their own spin on small spaces, with amazing results!

1. A wooded cottage-style condominium in Kuala Lumpur

When designing a small space, it is all too easy to overdo the white elements in an attempt to make the space appear larger. Take a page from Amaze Design's book and pair white with warm wooden accents, as seen in this 1000 sqft condominium.

small condominiums
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By balancing wooden and white elements, what you get is a home that feels open while also being less plain and more liveable. These elements can be found almost everywhere in the house, from the walls and beams of the open space dining area to the built-in cabinets and furniture in the bedrooms and kitchen, as well as the floors, all of which help to tie the space together.

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2. A luxurious modern home in Batu Kawan, Penang

This 1000 sqft condominium designed by JZone Interior proves decorating a small condominium doesn't have to cramp your style.

small condominiums
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The interior design here is definitely modern, with many warm lights, shiny gold accents and reflective surfaces that add an opulent touch to the space. In addition, the designer added a tall mirror in the master bedroom to reflect light and instantly give the illusion of more space.

Contact JZone Interior Design

3. A minimalist home filled with plenty of sunlight in Wangsa Maju

This lovely 662 sq ft condo condominium by Pocket Square may not have the open-plan layout that’s all the rage these days, but it still feels ‘open’ and spacious thanks to several clever design solutions and the use of natural lighting.

small condominiums
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Instead of solid walls, the designer used glass partitions to visually segment the space without making it feel cramped. When combined with large windows that came with the condo, it allows plenty of natural light to enter the rooms. The designer also included many made-to-measure/custom-made elements, such as built-in cabinets, furniture, and concealed doors, to ensure that everything fits perfectly into every nook and cranny of this small space.

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4. A warm and inviting Scandinavian condo in Kuala Lumpur

This 1000 sqft condominium by Anwill Design is filled with large furniture pieces that give the impression that the home is twice its size. For example, the designer added a dining table that seats up to 8 people and an L-shaped sofa that seats up to 6 people - not something you’d normally get in a small condo. The space also has a sophisticated and elegant feel, similar to staying in a boutique hotel, thanks to elegant statement pieces like a tan leather sofa and an opulent marble dining table.

small condominiums
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Meanwhile, sheer curtains allowed natural light to stream into the living room during the day, making the home feel airy and spacious.

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5. A tranquil home with plenty of multi-purpose furniture in Selangor

Despite its small square footage, Ee Design Studio managed to make this 700 sqft condominium look spacious by using multi-purpose furniture. For instance, instead of bulky dining tables and chairs, the designer transformed the waterfall kitchen island into a multifunctional space for food prep or dining.

small condominiums
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Furthermore, the tatami-style lounge area adds another tranquil space for lounging while also serving as a hidden storage space beneath. The low-profile furniture also contributes to the illusion of a higher ceiling and a larger room.

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6. Serene greyscale urban abode in Teluk Panglima Garang

Visually connecting the rooms through a unified colour palette, material, or overall style is a great way to help a small space feel larger.

small condominiums
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Take a cue from this 925 sqft condominium by One Space, which uses dark wood for the bulk of its built-ins to make the space flow more smoothly instead of looking crowded. These visual connections create a sleek cohesion throughout the small living space.

Contact One Space Sdn Bhd

7. Bold and sophisticated condominium in Selangor

Although light colours are commonly used to open up and brighten up smaller living spaces, dark colours can do wonders too. This 850 sqft condominium by IQI Concept perfectly illustrates the point. The designer managed to make the space feel less cramped by introducing a matte finish to the dark tones that reflect natural sunlight. This tactile surface paired with metallic accents such as brass also lends an elegant or classy vibe to the space.

small condominiums
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Loose furnishings are also kept simple and uncluttered by replacing the traditional dining table with an island and bar stools. The designer also avoided adding a coffee table in the living room, leaving plenty of space to walk around the room without ending up tripping over the furniture.

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