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8 Insanely Beautiful Condos in the KLCC Area You Need to Check out

October 13, 2022

A city dweller's ideal space!

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Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC), a prestigious 100-acre area that sits in the shadow of the stunning Petronas Twin Towers, is home to a variety of world-class restaurants, shopping malls, healthcare facilities and convenient access to various public transportation, making it one of the best places to call home.

KLCC Homes
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Due to its strategic location, it is not surprising that KLCC is a prime location for property investment and home to many of the country’s high-end (and high-rise) residences. This includes Stonor 3, SoHo Suites, Park Seven Condominium and Four Seasons Residence. Have you ever wondered what these residences look like after a full makeover? Take a look at eight of our favourite KLCC home interiors, renovated by our local interior design firms to gain inspiration for your own home!

1. A relaxed urban abode with a minimalist vibe

A grey colour palette, clean-lined furniture, and minimalist decor can go a long way toward creating a low-key yet stunning environment, as seen in this 871 sqft condominium at Stonor 3.

KLCC Homes
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To give the home a more spacious feel, Viyest Interior Design chose an open-concept living space that combines the kitchen, dining room, and living room into one large, communal space. The cabinetry in the kitchen is simple, clean-lined and smooth, whereas the living area has a softer feel with its plush modern sofa and round coffee table. In the centre of the room, a high-profile dining table contrasts with the low-profile sofa, allowing the two distinct zones to connect while remaining distinct.

While grey and beige dominate throughout the home, the subtle textured paint reminiscent of a cement/concrete surface allows these neutral tones to stand out. Furthermore, the rich wooden flooring adds a pop of colour and contrast to the rooms.

Contact Viyest Interior Design

2. A cosy apartment with a bathtub for the suite life

This 950 sqft condominium at SOHO Suites is bursting with personality despite using only a neutral colour palette.

KLCC Homes
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Airhost employed reflective surfaces such as mirrors, glass, and metallic accents to add depth and amplify light throughout the space. Meanwhile, natural light brightens and opens up the space, making the house feel less cramped. We also like how, despite the limited square footage, the designer was able to outfit the master bathroom with a deep bathtub to give the home a suite-like vibe!

Contact Airhost

3. A glitzy and glamorous condominium that's totally Bling Empire-worthy!

This glitzy and glamorous-looking condominium at Setia Sky Residence doesn't play by the rule book where Hoe & Yin Design Studio added round, organic edges to break from the norm. This is visible in the open-plan living room, especially on the ceiling, built-in kitchen cabinets, island, and furniture.

KLCC Homes
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The designer used chevron details and rich accents like marble, leather, and gold throughout the house to elevate the overall look and feel of the space. On top of that, each room is accented with a one-of-a-kind pendant light that draws the eye upward and gives the space a dramatic feel.

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4. A home with a French flair that reminds you of Parisian apartments

If Parisian décor sparks your interest, check out this elegant space at Aria Residence designed by Interior+ Design. It features various shades of grey that give the space a sense of understated elegance. The greyscale colour scheme is further emphasised by high-end materials such as marble, leather, and velvet, which can be seen as soon as you enter the home (a marble altar), as well as in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

KLCC Homes
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The timeless appeal of this home is enhanced by the use of French wall panels throughout. The classic design scheme flows seamlessly between the abode's social (open space living room) and private (bedroom) areas, and it harmoniously blends with the modern elements found throughout the space.

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5. An urban abode with a hotel-like vibe

In this 2400 sqft apartment at Four Season Residence by Blaine Robert Design, custom built-ins, modern furnishings, and metallic light fixtures combine to create a peaceful and relaxing hotel-like environment.

KLCC Homes
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The artwork incorporated in every room drew our attention the most. It features a recurring motif that serves to connect the space. Meanwhile, the extensive use of subdued neutral tones ensures a consistent design flow from one room to the next and instills a sense of serenity in the space.

Read the full renovation story of this stunning condo here.

Contact Blaine Robert Design

6. A modern condominium with a sea of neutrals

This 2500 sqft condominium at Four Seasons Residence by TOD Interior Design oozes sophistication with its stunning modern furniture and classy décor. A subdued colour palette with a hint of blue gives the open space living area a sumptuous and extravagant feel, while carefully curated art pieces give off a luxury hotel vibe to the room. The bedrooms convey the same elegant impression, with plush pillows and crisp white sheets that speak volumes.

KLCC Homes
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To enhance the ambience, the designer incorporated soft-touch linen walls throughout the unit, particularly in the bedrooms, adding depth to this soothing sanctuary that blends amazingly well with the overall modern design of the space.

Contact TOD Interior Design

7. A posh-looking urban abode with unblocked views of the city

Box Design Studio chooses a modern luxury design for this gorgeous 2050 sqft condominium at Banyan Tree Signature to match the million-dollar view of the KL city centre.

KLCC Homes
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The designer takes on an open-concept space planning without any dividers to allow a spacious feel and for the guests and homeowners to be wowed by the spectacular panorama view of the city. The beautiful marble selection in the entire unit draws attention to its finest details. Elegant fabric and a touch of gold stainless steel in the furnishings, all amp up the stylish opulence in this home. The beautiful combination of these materials certainly stands out from the norm and reflects a sense of affluence in the urban abode.

Contact Box Design Studio

8. A class-looking condominium with an edgy twist

Bold pops of colour make a bold statement in this contemporary Park Seven condominium by SQFT Space Design Management. In the living room, for example, high ceilings and large windows bathe the space in natural light, while a bright red sofa dispels any notion of cold/austere space—the combined effect: an open and inviting feel despite how lavish it looks.

KLCC Homes
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Meanwhile, curved false ceilings and small-scale patterns found throughout the house add an unexpected touch that is undeniably modern.

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