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Bid Goodbye To Bad Decorating Habits And Usher In 2018

December 22, 2017

Without knowing it, you may be sabotaging your potential style and the utility of your home décor with old habits that die hard.

For instance, you may have trouble letting go of things that no longer serve their purpose – like old, raggedy furniture that is not only outdated, but not functional either! Decorating with pieces that are also ‘going to pieces’ can wreak havoc on the appearance of your home.

Here are more poor decorating approaches to ditch:

Bad Decorating Habits To Avoid

Interior designer: SQFT Space Design Management

1. Not investing in quality furniture

Now even if you are on a tight budget, do think twice before purchasing ‘fast furniture’, which are generally cheap, mass-produced, self-assembly pieces that are available at general stores. These pieces are not made to withstand the test of time. Instead, pick quality pieces that are made to last.

Bad Decorating Habits To Avoid

Interior designer: Klaas Design and Build

Where possible, do source for well-crafted furniture and take your time with it. Don't rush to fill your house all at once. Rather, choose sturdy pieces that suit your home, your lifestyle and your needs. You can actually save more money when opting for quality furniture, as they will need replacing far less often.

Bad Decorating Habits To Avoid

Interior designer: SQFT Space Design Management

Décor trends come and go – but you don’t have to follow them all. Stick with styles that speak to you and serve your needs rather than what’s current or in-fashion.

Instead, refresh your decor every five years or so. Also, if you keep your furniture well, you may be able to sell them off to recoup what you’ve spent. You can then put these funds towards your next favourite décor style!

Bad Decorating Habits To Avoid

Interior designer: EA Alam Reka

3. Not buying things online

You may be reluctant to use the internet for your furniture needs but rest assured – it is certainly worth a try. Buying online saves you the time and effort it would to physically go into one store after another to look for a specific piece. Plus, you might find certain pieces to be cheaper online than in stores.

With good online stores, you’ll be able to conveniently filter your searches to find just what you are looking for in a matter of minutes!

Bad Decorating Habits To Avoid

Interior designer: The Roof Studio

You don’t have to exclusively shop online especially if you enjoy going furniture shopping at brick-and-mortar stores. Instead, make use of the internet to scout for rare pieces and items that you might not be able to find in Malaysia.

Remember to check on return policies and satisfaction guarantees, because as much as we love shopping online, the quality isn’t always obvious. You’ll want to be able to return purchases you aren’t happy with, conveniently, and at no cost to you.

Bad Decorating Habits To Avoid

Interior designer: SQFT Space Design Management

4. Not infusing your personality into your décor

It’s easy to get swept up in interior design concepts and rules so much so that you forget about what you like! So rather than focusing on getting a décor style absolutely right, spare a moment to consider how you can imbue yourself into a particular theme.

For instance, even if you love the idea of Scandinavian design, it’s understandable that you might find aspects of the décor to be bland. So go ahead and have the best of both worlds by being creative and adapting your personality into a structured décor.

Having a feature wall is a great way to create visual interest and imbue character at home.

Bad Decorating Habits To Avoid

Interior designer: Metrics Global

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