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Designer Spotlight: Nicus Interior Design

March 27, 2017

With 8 years of experience and more than 300 projects under their belt, Siow Yee Yan, designer behind Nicus Interior Design knows exactly what it takes to create an incredible home. Find out how he continuously delivers homes to happy homeowners in Malaysia.

Designer Spotlight: Nicus Interior Design
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Qanvast: What sparked your interest in interior design?

Siow (S): Since young, I am fascinated by beautiful spaces, at how spaces flow and intertwine. I studied ID and eventually founded my own firm, Nicus Design. Till today, I am passionate about helping people to design their dream abode.

Qanvast: Tell us about Nicus Interior Design.

S: We are a small intimate firm of 3. We always put clients first by offering top-notch service. Our designs reflect our client’s desires, and we also offer reasonable price. With my designers, I always encourage them to be as creative as possible.

Designer Spotlight: Nicus Interior Design
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Clients find us trustworthy and helpful. We always ensure there is good communication. We spend time to understand the client’s needs. We are happy to hear out the client’s creative ideas while we advise on the technicalities.

Qanvast: What is your philosophy in designing spaces?

S: It is all about simplicity and functionality. We create spaces that are organised and sleek, and yet fitting to homeowners’ requirements. We will based upon what they want, refine the ideas, and then conceptualise a design they like.

Designer Spotlight: Nicus Interior Design
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Qanvast: Which project(s) is your proudest achievement?

S: The Kinrara project is a bungalow we built from scratch. The owner wanted a simple and comfortable home and we came up with its modern stylish design. We put in our hard work and the final result is stunning.

Another project I am very proud of is at Bandar Sunway. This landed property is a blend of western and modern style.

Designer Spotlight: Nicus Interior Design
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Qanvast: Give us a tip for first-time homeowners?

S: From our experience, most clients have their own ideas but they might not know how to manage their budget. A good ID will propose an economical solution that does not compromise quality.

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