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Double The Space: This Casual Family Home Has Room For All

February 4, 2020

“Our clients desired a home where they can welcome their family and friends into, one that you could just make yourself at home,” says Kaylynn of IQI Concept, the interior designer of this gorgeous two-storey Superlink in Kota Kemuning.

Home Tour IQI Concept

Through clever planning and design customization, Kaylynn and her team worked swiftly within five months to transform this Superlink into a family dream home that feels casual and comfortable yet balancing it with a premium living environment.

About the design brief

Kaylynn (K): This Superlink features four bedrooms. The lower level features the common area which includes the kitchen, dining and living area while the bedrooms are located on the upper level, connected by a naturally lit double-volume void.

On changes made to the home

K: Originally, the house came with a compartmentalized kitchen and the wall ends just where the double volume void ends. Now, that is almost half the size of the space that you are seeing right here.

Home Tour IQI Concept

K: Since the homeowner possessed sufficient empty land on one side of the original house, we decided to extend the space. We have also taken down the wall that compartmentalized the kitchen. So now, we have a nice big beautiful space where the furniture creates an invisible wall defining the functions of each dedicated space.

Home Tour IQI Concept

K: In the entrance area, a beautiful art piece that our client has picked is the focal point of the space. It is paired with a built-in shoe cabinet that is also the entrance piece that greets you upon entering the house.

Home Tour IQI Concept

K: One of the most unique things about this home is how the different height levels of each space automatically create an invisible wall in the common area. If you noticed, in the middle of the section of the house, an elegant living room has a slightly higher floor space. We have transformed the double volume area to welcome friends, anchored by a glossy black grand piano and a stunning chandelier that adds a glamorous dazzle to the space.

Home Tour IQI Concept

K: And there is one corner of the house which has a much lower spatial height than the rest, defining a more cosy ambience, sat on a slightly elevated deck. This is where we designed the chill-out area, a slight contrast from the "modern luxury" theme with a low lounge sofa and a TV where as per name suggested, the family can chill and relax. Possibly even have an afternoon nap on the elevated deck.

Home Tour IQI Concept

K: The dining room area has an equally elegant setting where the generous 8-seater dining table accommodates family and friends. As the homeowner enjoy the occasional wine and liquor during their leisure time with friends and family, we have accommodated a wine bar counter next to the dining area. I love the idea of how the wine bar counter turns out into one of a statement piece of the house!

Home Tour IQI Concept

K: Speaking of a statement piece of the house, the main feature of this modern luxury home is the wall panelling that gels the entire mood of the house that we are aiming to achieve. If you noticed, the three elements and colours that have been running through the unit; wood, black metal frame and reflective surface are demonstrated on the wall panel.

Home Tour IQI Concept

K: Another statement piece that I would love to highlight is the customized carpentry work that divides the space between the lounge and music area, as our client requested to have both the space connected but not too open. This is where we came up with the functional yet beautiful design of a TV cabinet as a partition for the lounge area and a display cabinet as a partition for the music area that uses the same design element to create a cohesive look of the interior.

Home Tour IQI Concept

K: While the ground floor is well-equipped for socialising, the focus shifts to creating private spaces for the family members to rest and relax on the second floor. There is a flow of design theme from the common areas entering the master bedroom. The master bedroom features a beautiful cushion bed head panel, framed with gold chromed finishing and black framing strip design to add a luxurious feel to the space.

Home Tour IQI Concept

K: The walk-in wardrobe is a little challenging to design as there was limited space for storage together with a dressing table. To fully utilize the limited space, we decided to let the wardrobe concept flow right out of the built-in TV cabinet that comes together with wardrobe storage.

K: Having an interest in gaming, we created a more rustic feel for our client’s son's bedroom with the textured wall paint, coupled with open shelving supported by a black metal frame, a combination of white, grey and light wood, contrasting with black details. It brings out a whole different experience in the bedroom compared to the rest of the rooms.

Home Tour IQI Concept

To sum up

K: As from the initial brief from our client, a sophisticated, modern yet comfortable vibe for their homes, and I can say, our clients are definitely very happy with the final outcome we have curated for them!

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